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Due to the Italian epidemiological context linked to Coronavirus pandemic, TIM announced one extension of terms to join a commercial offer equivalent to the active one, which is not binding on the use of the modem provided by the operator.

As is known, in fact, the customers of operators who have signed an offer that included the combined sale of the modem prior to December 1, 2018 (and who are still paying the installments) are entitled to subscribe for free to an equivalent commercial offer that does not restrict the use of the modem through residual installments on the invoice.

This is established by AGCOM resolution number 348/18 / CONS on the “Free modem”, in article 5, and TIM had already adapted to March 2020 by allowing existing customers to switch freely to another equivalent offer without modem by 31 May 2020.

Now, with a note today 28 May 2020, dedicated to customers, TIM has announced that this deadline has been extended to August 31, 2020.

Within the new deadline set by the operator, interested customers can therefore decide to adhere to an equivalent commercial offer without a modem by requesting it through the MyTIM Customer Area, by calling Customer Service 187 or by sending a communication via PEC to the address [email protected] or, from July 2020, by going directly to a TIM shop.

The transition to the equivalent commercial offer with respect to the active offer therefore eliminates the charge on the invoice of the remaining installments of the modem purchased and does not involve any additional burden or changes to the current economic conditions.

All customers who will choose instead do not subscribe to an equivalent offer they will have to continue paying the remaining installments due for the purchase of the TIM modem and also in this case the economic and contractual conditions of the offer currently in force will remain valid.

Also in the new TIM communication, reference is not made to second alternative granted to customers the resolution on the free modem, article 5, which would also allow you to withdraw from the contract without any charge net of the repayment of the installment terminal itself.

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It should be noted that even in today’s communication, TIM has made it known that the right to customers who have subscribed to an equivalent offer will remain charge modem fees due or not claimed in the event that the administrative dispute initiated on the legitimacy of the AGCOM measures has a favorable outcome for the operator.

In fact, TIM has already complied with the Authority’s resolution, but suggests that a further administrative judgment is still awaited after the Lazio TAR rejected the appeal on existing contracts.

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