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TIM today decided to launch the promo top-up dedicated to those who decide to top up via the App today 28 May 2020 MyTIM. The promotion is aimed at all TIM rechargeable consumer customers.

Until 23:59 today, 28 May 2020, all TIM rechargeable consumer customers who will make a phone top-up from at least 15 euros from the MyTIM app, they will receive 5 euro free bonus credit with the promo Online recharge.

The 5 euro bonus is valid for cuts from 15 euros, 25 euros and 50 euros. In the event of a € 15 top-up, the customer will receive a total of € 20, in the case of a € 25 top-up the total will be € 30 and in the case of a € 50 top-up you will get a total of € 55, which are considered as real additional phone credit.

Remember that in all these cases it is standard refills which provide the exact amount paid in telephone credit, without the activation of mandatory promotions as in the case of offers Reload +.

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The customer will make more top-ups from at least 15 euros and receive for each of them 5 euro free bonus. For example, if they will take place on the same day three refills of 15 euros, you will receive a bonus of 15 euros, for a total telephone credit received equal to 60 euros. The recharge is immediate.

The disbursement of the bonus is contextual to the Top-up carried out by calculating 5 euros more than the denomination selected by the customer Tim, equal to or greater than 15 euros.

Any top-up made for a TIM SIM determines the extension of its duration for a period of 13 months. During the thirteenth month, the service will work but only for the reception of calls and messages.

Once recharged, the customer will view their remaining credit directly on the main page of the app or from the customer area of ​​the site, updated with the amount recharged and the bonus paid out.

The promo is valid only for top-ups on the MyTIM app, as the operator’s goal is to promote the use of the application. By reloading on the operator’s official website, or through other systems, the customer will therefore not receive any bonuses.

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