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Try to go up there Google Play Store from your Android smartphone, or from web browser. Now try to search for the app TikTok. Do you notice anything strange? Exactly: his score is back to settle on four stars. But how, a few days ago had not fallen to two?

Google’s showdown was completed later this week. Initially, the Mountain View company had moderately canceled about four million negative reviews: meanwhile, the TikTok score on the Google Play Store remained fixed at two stars (but last weekend it had dropped to just 1.2 stars). Things have changed dramatically in the past 24 hours, with the beauty of eight million negative reviews eliminated from Google. Eight million: one by one.

There is even one official statement: Google contacted the TechCrunch editorial team justifying such a mammoth operation as “corrective action aimed at limiting the abuse of spam”. Certainly TikTok must have pressed a lot of Mountain View to act so quickly: just think that sometimes it takes months, to remove apps with malware from the Google Play Store, as well as real applications created to steal user data. With the reviews it takes less time, obviously.

The big war between content creators of YouTube and TikTok is in short concluded, at least for the moment. Recall that all had started because TikTok would have eliminated without justification some content created by YouTube users, and vice versa: hence the bombardment of the user, encouraged by the CarryMinati video. Others argue that it was a “riot” especially by Indian users, because of some content that showed scenes of violence against women. In truth, there is no confirmation from either direction, but basically this matters relatively: the controversy is now over.

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