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The curious story related to TikTok, the Chinese social network known worldwide mainly because it is a truly exhilarating video sharing tool. Last week, the TikTok app was at the center of a violent controversy, which led to the bombardment of negative reviews on the Google Play Store. It seems that at least 4 million of these reviews now they are mysteriously gone.

Over the weekend, Google had already removed a million negative reviews on the Google Play Store, of course related to TikTok: this had led the app’s score towards a gradual rise (small but visible). In the last two days it seems that Mountain View has continued this operation in a very silent way, so much so that at the time of writing we are visibly four million negative reviews disappeared: From 28 million overall reviews on Friday to 24 today.

The rating of the app (i.e. its score, based on the average of the individual reviews) has however remained unchanged, and is currently around 1.6. In reality, as the foreign press also specifies, there is no evidence that Mountain View removed the 4 million reviews; the fact is that the alternative appears even less credible. It seems really unlikely, in fact, that four million users in the last two days have thought better of it, and have run to remove their negative reviews from the TikTok page on the Google Play Store.

All this controversy, remember, it started following a clash between content creators of YouTube and TikTok, especially in India; others argue that protests by Indian users for TikTok content focused on violence also played a fundamental role, never stopped by the quality control of the app in question. Be that as it may, we will continue to keep you updated: it is appropriate that it is the TikTok company itself to pronounce itself in the coming days.

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