Tiburtina station hostage of migrants: “Masters at our house”


Aggression, theft, harassment. The situation at Tiburtina station it becomes more and more explosive day by day. That of the migrants transiting, camped close to the second railway station in the capital, it is now a fixed presence. But in the months of lockdown the tent city has further expanded, to transform Piazzale Giovanni Spadolini into a ghetto without rules where even just getting close can be dangerous.

“It has become one free zone, they command them there, “says an employee of Roma TPL, a private company that manages about 20 percent of the public road transport service in Rome. “They deal, they need on the street, they touch their genitals, they beat each other, they molest whoever they are in front of,” reports the woman. Every time he has to get behind the wheel of the bus of line 548, which stops right in front of the camp, he is afraid. Like you, other employees.

Dozens of those who complained to the company, so much so that the stop adjacent to the settlement, a short time ago, was suppressed and moved forward. “You don’t know how many times I had to order them to get off the bus, they became the owners of the road, I am a woman and frankly I’m scared,” the driver confesses.

Not only that, access to the station from the via di Pietralata side was also forbidden. Migrants colonized the entrances with tents and mattresses. “They sleep one piled on top of the other, they bivouac all day, they pee in the middle of the street,” says Fabio, who lives near the airport. When we approach the slum it is three in the afternoon. Someone sleeps, someone else smokes, there are those who shuttle with trolleys loaded with jerry cans, while many wander around the square with bottles of wine and spirits in hand.
“We no longer have direct access to the station or even to the bus terminal, for us it was a convenience and instead we were isolated”, reports Fabio. “The paradox is that now to go and take the subway we have to even change the town hall, it’s really a massacre for everyone”, he vents.

“It is an open-air latrine, you can only go by car, they make us feel in danger, we have been forced to stay indoors while they do what they want,” says another resident. “In the camp, the rules of social distancing have never been respected, even in the most critical moments of the emergency, on the contrary”, he denounces Fabrizio Montanini, president of the Beltramelli-Meda-Portonaccio Committee.

“They organized soccer matches, they never put on their masks, they need on the street, they spit on the ground, the citizens feel mocked,” continues the activist. “They are masters in our house while the institutions continue to fugitive,” is the judgment. On the security front, things are no better. “Yesterday a girl was stolen and Monday they stoned a Mediaset troupe, they feel untouchable,” attacks a lady while pointing to the Roman “city life”, transformed into a refugee camp.

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