Thursday’s news on the coronavirus in Italy


In the last 24 hours, 593 new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Italy, according to data released Thursday by the Civil Protection, and 70 deaths. In total, therefore, the official budget since the beginning of the epidemic is 231,732 confirmed cases and 33,142 deaths. 489 people are currently hospitalized in intensive care, 16 less than yesterday. The total swabs processed to date are 3,683,144, 75,893 more than yesterday (the highest number since the beginning of the epidemic). There are 3,503 new patients “recovered or discharged”, for a total of 150,604.

In Lombardy, 382 new cases of infection were recorded (64% of the national ones). The Lombard budget continues to be by far the worst in Italy and totals 88,183 cases of contagion and 15,974 deaths overall. In the province of Milan there were 76 new cases of infection today (68 yesterday), of which 39 in Milan (42 yesterday), but the city with the most cases today is Brescia, 90. Thirteen regions today have fewer than 10 cases, including four with none.

Reading the data communicated every day by the Civil Protection, some cautions must be used: first of all, for the distinction between the number of people who are currently positive and the total number of infected people, which can be a bit confusing; and secondly because we now know that the infected and the dead are many more than those found in the data. Furthermore, there is a problem with what Civil Protection means when it speaks of “healed”: it has been discovered that this figure also includes people discharged from hospitals, but who may still be sick, while it does not include all those who have recovered after to have been sick, but that having not done the swab they never entered the official numbers of the sick.

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The other news today

Today the Fondazione Gimbe Foundation, an independent organization that deals with studies and training in the health sector, has released an analysis according to which Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria are not ready for the reopening of the regional borders, scheduled for June 3, from the point of view of the epidemological situation. In addition, the president of the foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, during an interview with Radio 24, said that in Lombardy “also mixes numbers.”

According to Cartabellotta, Lombardy and other regions would alter the real numbers of the infections for fear of new restrictions, explaining that “too many oddities have occurred in the last three months in Lombardy: discharged subjects who were communicated as cured to the Civil Protection and were going to feed the so-called healers’ silos, alternation and delays in the communication and transmission of data that would have been justified in the first phase and much less now. As if there was a need – Cartabellotta said – to keep the number of cases diagnosed below a certain level ».

The Lombardy region, after defining in a note the statements of Cartabellotta “very serious, offensive and above all not true”, has decided, through its legal department, to file a lawsuit against the foundation and its president.

According to the region, the statement released before the lawsuit was announced, “in Lombardy, the data are published transparently. Nobody, starting from the ISS, has ever questioned the quality of our work. It is unacceptable to hear such statements which we hope will be corrected by those who made them. ”

Meanwhile, tomorrow in the Lazio region, based on an order signed today by President Nicola Zingaretti, spas, centers for physical well-being and the activities of tourist guides will be able to reopen. From June 3, however, schools of music, dance, painting, photography, theater, foreign languages ​​will open as well as professional training activities and recreational and cultural centers.

Today, moreover, Air France has announced that from June 1st the connecting flights with the main Italian cities, ie Rome, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples and Bari, will gradually resume. 78 flights will be by the end of June weekly journeys of Air France and KLM in Italy.

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