Threats and insults, assigned escort to Fontana, Azzolina and Sileri


The Minister of Education targeted on social media: she is escorted by men from the Guardia di Finanza. Threats and bribery attempts with pressure on Covid funds on Deputy Health Minister. The Prefecture of Varese puts the Lombard governor under escort. The lawyer prepares a file to be presented to the prosecutors

First the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, then the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina and the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana. Within a few days the three politicians were forced to be put under escort for the threats and insults received, in many cases via social networks. The three are receiving numerous certificates of bipartisan solidarity in these hours: among many, those of the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, and several ministers.

The escort to Minister Azzolina


Threats to Deputy Minister Salute Sileri: Rome prosecutor opens investigation

Education Minister Lucia Azzolina (M5s) has been under escort for three days: she is escorted by men from the Guardia di Finanza. For several days the minister has been subject to threats and insults on social media. “An intolerable climate was created on the school, which could and should have been avoided”, denounced the political leader of the 5 star Movement Vito Crimi. “The attacks and instrumental provocations against him have recently added unacceptable sexist insults and threats, even by alleged teachers: Lucia Azzolina is a competent and courageous minister, let’s go forward together with our heads held high in the path of change and support for Italian school “.

The escort to Deputy Minister Sileri

Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri (M5s) is under escort for threats received by some white-collar workers and a series of pressures with corruption attempts received for his political activity and the destination of public funds for the coronavirus emergency . “The higher you go to the top, the more the wind blows. Our duty is to give our best”, commented the number two of the Healthcare team at M5s altitude, also the victim of a threatening ticket delivered on the windshield of his car. For several days the exponent M5S has been accompanied, during all his movements, by a public security officer. The story is under the lens of prosecutors from the Rome public prosecutor’s office, who for the moment have included the crime of “serious threats”, so far against unknown persons, in their investigation file.

The escort to Governor Fontana


Fountain under escort, identified perpetrators written ‘assassin’

Even the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana (Lega), has been under escort for two days. The measure was decided by the prefecture of Varese after “the climate around the Lombard governor became incandescent” with two murals in Milan, to which he is apostrophized as a “killer” and threats on the web. Following Fontana, therefore, there is now also a spare car with an agent, who configures a “fourth level” measure. “We are collecting dozens of threats on social networks, they are many and are part of this climate of hatred, “said Fontana’s lawyer. The lawyer clarified that in the next few days he will finish completing the collection of online threats and then file a complaint with the Prosecutor in Milan, where the investigation into the writings of the Carc. Antagonists who, among other things, have claimed more times to be the authors of the murals and said they were “ready” for actions of the same kind. “Nothing changes for me, my work continues with the same determination as always. For the good of Lombardy and Lombardy”, said the president of the Lombardy Region.

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