This wallpaper will block your smartphone, do not install it (photo)


Vincenzo Ronca

The Android world is very varied and full of alternatives and sometimes hosts some events truly singular: this is precisely the case with background that locks the phones, a story incredibly concrete which has emerged online in the past few hours.

We come immediately to the culprit: the image you see below it is the offending one, and represents a classic and suggestive landscape with a lake, of a fairly wide dynamic range. Several users report that by setting this image as wallpaper on their Android device they suffered the irreversible block smartphone.

It seems illogical but the different reports confirm the dangerousness of the image: everything would be caused by dynamic range of the image, which would not be manageable by the Android color gamut, in particular the problem would lie in the API Google Skia that would not be able to manage the image chromatically. The consequence is therefore the blocking of the device, with some users even reporting the impossibility to start the device in mode Safe.

According to the reports that emerged on the net, the image posted on Weibo would be tablet so as not to cause the heavy problems reported on Android. This would happen, however, by setting the same image uploaded to Twitter as the background, which obviously does not change the original color profile. Therefore do not use the image that you see attached to the tweets below, you may run into brick of your smartphone.

It seems that the smartphone maker do not affect when the problem arises, several reports come from users of Samsung but also by owners of Google Pixel. The whole affair vaguely reminds us of the special character that caused the iPhone to crash some time ago.

Currently Google has not pronounced on the problem, we assume that an update of the Skia API will be needed to resolve it permanently. Assuming that the problem lies in the color profile image, we imagine that the offending shot will not be potentially the only one to cause the device to lock. We leave you with some examples of users affected by the problem.


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