This Toyota 86 is one of the most absurd cars ever seen


The history of cars has taught us that the ways to modify a vehicle are almost infinite, and often these depend on the various tuning subcultures that differ from each other according to the territory. The car we are about to present to you today has been modified according to the culture of the set-up, but in an absurd way.

For some strange reason some people believe it is an excellent idea to brag about their car with a negative camber, but when exaggerating this practice can only lead to an extremely negative general aspect and definitely bad maneuverability. Just take a look at the Toyota 86 that you can admire in the video above or at the post Reddit at the bottom to notice it.

The latter allows you to see the car in action while driving along a driveway. The change made it necessary to use wooden boards for the travel of the very short stretch, but this suppose it is only one of the negative sides of the operation. As the author of the Reddit post describes, the car islike a whale beached which is doing its best to return to the ocean. “

While many decide to modify the suspensions and springs to obtain a lowered set-up accompanied by ambiguous camber, this particular Toyota goes beyond that and uses air suspension which allow a quick modification of the structure to overcome bumps, stones or other small unforeseen events on the asphalt, which, however, would not bother a normal car.

About strange cars we want to share with you two vehicles belonging to this category. The first is an old three-wheeled BMW: two at the front and one at the rear for a driving system halfway between a motorcycle and a classic car, although in reality it leans more for the latter type of means of transport. Perhaps a patent just filed by Kawasaki, which describes a three-wheeled vehicle capable of bending in curves just like a motorcycle would do, leans more towards the concept of motion.

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