This is who John Paul II was (really)


Evolution of graphism since 1962

At the beginning, in 1962, when he was not yet pope but vicar of Krakow, he presented a definitely strong and marked expression of vitality, impact strength, generosity, mental ductility and plasticity, however, sprinkled by an exquisite sensitivity, mental order and aesthetic sense. The intellectual qualities that made him thoughtful, reflective and elaborative appeared excellent.

In the seventies and eighties the writing thinned assuming the characteristics of the filiform trait, expression of an increased finesse of spirit. There is also a better fluency in going to the right, an indication of amiability, friendliness and more rewarding affective investments. Finally he was able to invest that ability to love that characterized him and that allowed him to become the cosmopolitan pope. Fatherhood also found a way to be accomplished through this mission in the world. However, there is always a strong aesthetic sense, a plastic mentality and a firmness that had nothing rigid, so he hardly became imperative and dominant. If anything, he used reasoning and his charisma in communication, with a particular gaze for young people in order to obtain consensus and adhesions to his thought.

Gaiezza and a background of nostalgia for acting and art in general, demonstrate a talent that will always be present and projected into the world of young people. His writing demonstrates an inner harmony that allows him to place himself towards others with confidence, with determination and with that ability to influence so necessary for those who must guide the world (see reduced size of letters, fluidity of gesture, correct occupation spaces, …). Even from his notes, indications of his strong aesthetic sense and of the need to emphasize, even exaggeratedly, concepts and ideas are obtained. Perhaps in this period he was gripped by problems that made him a little anxious and impatient.

Later, the writing of John Paul II becomes smaller, to signal the progress of his known disease (Parkinson’s disease). But the traits, the gestures, the ligaments and the graphic order highlight his permanent mental lucidity and his ability to face suffering with inexplicable serenity. Now he is certainly more fatigued and tired and the lightness of the trait is to denounce the loss of that vital force that has always distinguished him.

Pope Wojtyla he will continue to amaze not only for his physical endurance, but above all for that desire dictated by those who, rich internally, want to serve God and man in the same measure. The disease therefore together with all the vicissitudes suffered, did not prevent him from being up to his function.

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