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Giuliano Giannichedda, ex Juventus among others, spoke to Live & Football microphones.

How would you tell Giuliano Giannichedda?

“I owe the man I am to my family, therefore Giuliano Giannichedda is what he is now thanks to the sacrifices of his parents and the values ​​that have been transmitted to him, above all humility; now I try to pass those values ​​on to my children , to my “new” family. I continue to do what I’m passionate about, after 40 years still living in football. ”

What is the difference between the new and the old Giannichedda?

“There is absolutely no difference, I am always the same. The only substantial difference is the approach in my work, which is always of great dedication, but obviously it must be related to the task that I carry out now, which is no longer that of the player But among my strong leaders there are always respect and education and these two components when you become a coach are essential, because you must be the example, even more than before. ”

What do you miss most about being a footballer?

“Being a footballer is the most beautiful thing there is. It is the dream of all those who love this sport as children, in fact I always tell the kids that they must enjoy it, because when you stop playing you don’t have to regret, you must have lived every single experience to the fullest, even and especially the negative ones. When your career ends, that tranquility and lightheartedness that you have in living football also ends. ”

And then by linking to this, tell us a little bit about your new life as a coach.

“There are different responsibilities, for this reason I say that light-heartedness ends with your career as a footballer. If you train more, it is normal, you are always the first author and responsible, especially in case of negative results. Furthermore, people increase that depend on you, because we must never forget that our mistakes also fall on our staff and often also on the entire team. But obviously the coach’s job is beautiful, you must like it, but it also hides incredible joys and satisfactions ” .

Going back to your career, what was the most important parenthesis for you?

“There is no parenthesis, I have always been lucky, because in every team where I have been, in addition to being very good with my teammates, I have always achieved important and positive results. I have had the great fortune of playing with incredible champions, from Nedved to Zidane, I played the Champions League, in short, everything a footballer can ask for in his career; also in the Udinese years, with that group we opened the parenthesis of the Guidolin cycle, so every single event and every single team meant something special for me. ”

Speaking of champions, who is the player you learned the most from and who impressed you the most?

“I don’t feel like making a name, because they were all fantastic champions and I would find it almost disrespectful to others if I had to mention only one, so I have fantastic memories of every single champion, but above all it is practically impossible to say that I learned something specifically from them, because they were so strong that their skills were not even remotely attainable, but one thing I was able to “steal”, professionalism. I remember very well the first days of Juventus, when on the first day I decided to introduce myself an hour before I was called up for training, but when I got there I was already all there, so I understood that if such great champions arrived at the field an hour and a half earlier, I had to try to be there at least two hours before. ”

Speaking of football played instead, if there will be a recovery the two closest teams to compete for the championship, are Juventus and Lazio, your two former teams. Who do you see ahead?

“Before Lazio stopped the championship, but now making a prediction is really difficult, because with a possible recovery there would be many factors to analyze and take into consideration. Surely the physical condition will be a fundamental aspect, also because they are two teams very strong with different characteristics, although Juve is always the strongest in terms of squad but Lazio have built something important over time and now it is a team with different tactical solutions and with players who can decide the game from any moment to other”.

Well Giuliano, before saying goodbye I wanted to ask you about any future projects.

“For the future I have the goal of growing, as always; it is important to constantly update and improve, from every point of view. I will evaluate the various proposals, which fortunately are there every year and if interesting proposals do not arrive, well, I I will update studying, which is another of the things I love to do. I will live as always with work and passion! “.



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