“They wanted to shame her in front of everyone.” The background on Meghan Markle’s farewell


Behind the farewell of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a small detective may hide from court life. For months, we have been wondering what are the real reasons for the move of the Sussex overseas and who in the couple had the idea of ​​abandoning Frogmore Cottage for the United States. Waiting to read “Finding Freedom”, the biography that should tell the dukes’ departure from their point of view, we already have the first rumors about the causes of Megxit. Rumors that, if ever confirmed, would cast new shadows on the royal family, bringing Meghan Markle’s life closer and closer to the intricate plots of an appendix novel.

A friend of the duchess of Sussex would have revealed a backstage really disturbing. The insider explained: “Meghan was convinced that a conspiracy was taking place against her at the Palace, to shame her. For this he immediately asked to leave Kensington Palace. I think she felt like a stranger at court since the beginning of her love story with the prince “ and continued: “She wasn’t used to living with certain attitudes, so she pushed for radical change.”

We had long understood that Meghan Markle had failed to adapt to court life, gossip and protocol rules. We also sensed that she felt excluded from the royal family. You will certainly remember the phrase spoken by the Duchess during the interview chat for the documentary “Harry and Meghan. An African Journey “. On that occasion, Markle declared: “I exist, I don’t live. I’m not too well. ” A disarming, direct affirmation that did not even try to hide the evident malaise felt by the wife of Prince Harry.

For the love of truth in this phase in which we don’t know well the causes ofgoodbye of Sussex we must try to keep sensations well away from reality, emphasizing the difference between “feeling” in a certain way and actually being it. This does not mean that Meghan Markle was exaggerating or even pretending. In reverse. If the Duchess has had certain feelings about events, it is possible that between her and her royal family a more constant and profound dialogue has been lacking. In short, Meghan and the Windsor would not have really understood each other and the blame for this could be attributable to both sides.

The insider makes a serious accusation when he supports the conspiracy hypothesis to make “Ashamed” the prince’s wife. This term should be studied in depth, because it would suggest a kind of court plot for isolate Meghan Markle. Something premeditated and very perfidious. On the other hand, it is true that not all are “cut” for official roles and real protocols. The Duchess of Sussex may not be the right person for the public commitments to which the royal family has been accustomed for generations. There would be nothing wrong or strange. Maybe we are the ones who misinterpret Meghan’s disposition. In her we see theactress, consequently imagining that he is comfortable in the part of the Duchess, continuously under the watchful eye of the cameras.

It is not quite so, perhaps. It is one thing to act in a film according to an already established script, one thing is to live a life always in the spotlight, until the person and the role merge completely. According to the insider, Meghan Markle may have also suffered from the lack of theindependence economic. Harry’s wife is used to working and seeing the profits of her profession. The source said: “Without earning a real income, it is likely that she felt dissatisfied and then felt the lack of her social relationships.” If we take a superficial look at Meghan’s condition, such a problem may seem absurd. How is it possible to complain about privileges? It is actually more common than we think.

Those who are used to counting only on themselves, to build a role in the world day after day, could not easily be satisfied, to claim (and it is their right) to actively participate in their duties, since there is a desire to “be present to themselves ”, to live fully. Maybe Prince Harry understood his wife’s unease. An insider told the Sun that the duke would not be happy to read the term in the newspapers Megxit, because it makes it appear that the farewell to Buckingham Palace has only one origin, Meghan Markle. Instead according to the biography “Finding Freedom”, to be released on August 11, it was Prince Harry who chose this sort of exile.

An editorial source revealed to the Daily Mail: “The reality is that Harry made the decision. The book will clarify it and explain why it was inevitable that it would happen. ” Apparently Meghan would have agreed, but she would also have asked her husband if he was sure of what he was going to do, if it really was what he wanted. The British press has not always been lenient with the Duchess and perhaps not even her staff, who accused her of being “A capricious despot” that “Already in the morning he harasses his collaborators by e-mail”. How much is true and how much built in these unflattering portraits of Meghan Markle? The theory of an alleged one is reliable conspiracy against him? Perhaps the forthcoming biography will clarify many doubts.

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