“They should apologize for false propaganda” – Libero Quotidiano


The minister Alfonso Bonafede he ended up at the center of a controversy for using a state plane, a Falcon, which took off from Naples on 27 February to land in Rome. A paltry shift which cost ten thousand euros and which was justified for security reasons. Yet, as noted by The weather, the grill guardian has always been the first enemy of caste, waste and above all the use of state flights.

“After years of campaigns of hatred – declared Renziano Michele Anzaldi – once in power they too did exactly like the predecessors. Now though Bonafede and the M5S are expected to apologize for years of false propaganda which only fueled social grudge ”. And instead of nothing but excuses, a silence has fallen within the Movement which betrays the deep embarrassment for the story revealed by The weather. The latter today gives an account of the fact that he tried to speak with several parliamentarians from Grillini, but he received many “I don’t know” and several switched off telephones: the only one that was a little critical was the deputy Battelli (“He could organize a little better … “), but otherwise mouths sewn on each other, even inside the Democratic Party.

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