They make her daughter drink turtle blood to protect her from Covid. The baby girl dies at home


Chilling news comes from the Dominican Republic, where two parents make their five-month-old daughter drink turtle blood to try to protect her from the covid, but the baby dies. This madness was implemented after a wizard had assured the two that this was an excellent way to protect the little girl from the virus.

The couple who have another 7-year-old girl also made her drink the portion after drinking it themselves and they all ended up in hospital in very serious conditions. Given the age, the father, mother and older sister will do well, while there was nothing for the little girl to die after a few hours.

In the hospital where they all arrived in poor condition, the two explained how the facts went to the astonished doctors who tried in every way to save the family and especially the little girl. But this is not the only case of people who try to fight the virus by swallowing mixtures and potions, that the only effect they have is to endanger their lives.

In March, at least 44 people had died in Iran from alcohol intoxication. In fact, the fake news that drinking alcohol could help defeat the coronavirus had spread throughout the country. The largest number of victims was in Ahvaz, a city near the Iraqi border that saw 22 people die from alcohol poisoning. In many cases, according to some hospital sources who reported the news at the time, it was even methanol poisoning. This is because the use of alcohol in Iraq is illegal and many have bought it in contraband.

Even in America the poison control center, in the period of greatest influence of the count, saw the number of calls to various poison control centers increase by 20%, of people who would have ingested disinfectants to clean the house, including bleach that brought to hospital in serious conditions two men. In this case, it is not known whether the words of American President Donald Trump, who during a speech had speculated on the use of these disinfectants, could have influenced this wicked choice.

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