“They forgot about us.” The wrath of the agents ‘betrayed’ by the M5S


Those cells in the 70s made the history of Italy. Vallanzasca, Curcio, the chiefs of the BR, the black and red terrorists passed behind the bars of the super prison in Trani. Different names for ‘Ndrangheta and Camorra. They call it the “Blue Section” and as it was fifty years ago, so it basically remained. Single rooms, the toilet in the center of the cell and “scary” showers. A total degradation. Dozens of policemen work here, “in dilapidated sanitary conditions”, and about 200 prisoners live. The agents’ protests go on now times, more or less unheard. Two years ago, however, a light of hope was lit: the former director of the prison, Angela Anna Bruna Piarulli, she was elected senator for the Five Star Movement. “We thought he would support us – he says Giornale.it Federico Pilegatti, regional secretary of Sappe – and instead in all this time he didn’t spend for us “.

The “betrayal”, as the cops consider it, burns all right. Especially because the new one will be concluded in a few days pavilion of prison and it is still unknown whether the “Blue Section” prisoners or new convicts will end up there. “After two years, no concrete intervention in favor of the Apulian prisons and that of Trani has been put in place”, say the unionists, “despite the Minister of Justice Bonafede being of the same political part” as the grill Piarulli. The requests to the senator are very clear: the closure of that department “on the edge of human dignity”, the transfer of prisoners to the new pavilion and the sending of an “adequate number of policemen, at least 50, to ensure the correctness of the services”. “Who knows the Trani prison better than the former director of Trani? – he asks Pilegatti – The minister is also from his political side, they have a large predominance in Parliament. In short: he could interact … “. Instead nothing. The accusation is put black and white in a fire communiqué:” The new senator, who as director complained about the ‘Blue section’, the shortage of policemen, the serious overcrowding of prisoners which sees the Puglia region among the most disastrous in the nation, when it could give a concrete hand to the regional and local penitentiary system, disappeared and then reappeared only for some fleeting catwalk and representation. ” In short, Senator “beat a blow”, otherwise “she will betray not only all of us, but her own past”.

The criticisms come in a troubled peridot for the M5S, ended in the storm for the management of prisons under the leadership of Bonafede. In Puglia they know something about it, given that Foggia was the scene of the largest mass flight by memory of a policeman. Pilegatti remembers it as it was yesterday: “What happened on 8 and 9 March I had never seen, not even in the films of the narcos of South America: the prisoners showed that when they get together, they can do anything”. Then there is the issue of release from the mafia bosses, another sore point. “Surely Bonafede made many promises when he arrived,” concludes Pilegatti. “All national unions of the penitentiary police who have made more than one document to complain, before and after the riots, of this lack of attention by the minister towards penitentiary problems. First he said he would be interested in prisons, then he is forgotten “.

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