They are Motors, the electric car with 248 integrated solar panels


Sono Motors presents its new electric car, which boasts the application of a system capable of solving the ‘problem’ of charging. The body of the car was in fact made of plastic and inside are incorporated of photovoltaic panels.

These obviously serve to be able to capture and exploit sunlight as an essential source of energy for the operation of the electric car. Thanks to crowdfunding through which the project was funded, 58 million euros were raised. The Finnish company Valoe Oyj, Continental and ElringKlinger also collaborated with Sono Motors to create this unique electric car powered by solar panels. Finally, construction is carried out by the Chinese house NEVS, inside the former Saab plant in Sweden.

The name of Sono Motors car is Zion and the big news it launches on the market depends on the position of the photovoltaic panels. Up to now, in fact, we have also seen other ‘solar cars’, whose cells had been placed mainly on the roof, capable of producing their peak power only when the sun hits the panels at a 90 degree angle, directly from above. In this case, the panels are incorporated in the bodywork and to have solar cells on all sides, counting that on the Sion they are well 248, it is useful to create corners where some of these are ideally placed to take advantage of sunlight.

solar panels_Sion

Source: Sono Motors Press Office

Not long ago, we saw that the eclectic Elon Musk was also thinking of adding solar panel technology to his Tesla. At Sono Motors, they explain: “Not all cells generate the same amount of energy, because our energy supplier, the sun, is constantly moving and also because not all solar cells on Zion, which should enter production in 2021, they are pointing in the same direction. ” To solve the problem, this is what the specialized magazine Greencar Report reports, the House has created a central unit for monitoring the maximum power point, so that the load on the individual solar modules can be regulated and optimal operation of the cells in that form.

During the tests carried out, the efficiency obtained reaches 94% of the convert, which generates a current between 300 and 400 Volts, in a single process to reduce losses. The battery of the new Sion electric car uses NMC 622 prismatic 35 kWh and water-cooled cells, with a total of 16 12-cell modules for a fully charged battery range of 260 km. Only solar energy, according to initial estimates and in Germany, can guarantee a share of approximately 34 km per day.

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