there are two reasons why Inter do not lower the wall


Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi. They were to be the long-term future of Inter. Two young strikers, close together on and off the pitch. A couple who seemed to also be able to represent the future of Argentina. But as often happens, football events take unexpected turns and so on Icardi, captain and idol of most of the fans, has become a purged, expelled more than excluded from the project and sold without too many second thoughts.

Lautaro, who was initially the godson of Icardi, became the gem of the Inter club squad, prey to Barcelona’s frenzied assault, which even deployed Messi to convince El Toro to give in to the Blaugrana flattery.

Will both leave Inter Milan? Likely. Will both have to compromise for both? Mistaken.

We all know Icardi’s situation. Inter only assesses the transfer, the reinstatement hypothesis has never been taken into consideration by Marotta or Conte. Icardi, although the contract still says “owned by FC Internazionale”, is considered an ex.

It is therefore inevitable that Inter is in a certain sense sensitive to the PSG’s discount request. There is the crisis, there are decreasing revenues, there is a player who is in fact already out of the project. The Parisians have solid arguments to get the discount, Inter will lower their demands a little and in the end everyone will be happy.

The PSG will have a young bomber, from 20 goals per season (minimum), to 60 million, euros more euros less. Icardi will have a contract that has more than doubled in France. And Inter will have their maxi gain and their “problem” solved.

And Lautaro? There is also a crisis for Barcelona. Do I also miss here? Not exactly.

Lautaro is neither a problem nor a purged. He is an Inter owner, if he were not to be sold he would easily be the 10th of Conte’s formation. First reason.

“But Lautaro wants Barcelona”, you will tell me. Change little. Europe is full of players who “want” other teams. Yet they are still in the companies they belong to.

Inter, thanks to the 60 million collected for Icardi, is in a strong position at the table (second reason). Lautaro is not properly for sale, it is on sale at a certain price. Barcelona know this and will have to be good at raising money to satisfy Marotta. Otherwise, Lu-La confirmed and Conte happy.

So Lautaro confirmed? No, Lautaro can be sold. If not, Inter would not have made a price. But Barcelona will have to reach that price. How? Marotta doesn’t care. To put it to Mourinho … “no es problema mio”.

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