there are 21 new infections, including 11 in Rome


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I’m 21 the new infections of coronavirus today in Lazio, with a trend of 0.2%, broken down as follows: 11 in Rome city, 16 in the ASL of Rome and its province, 5 in the ASL of the other capitals. The patients healed in the last 24 hours are 97, while I deaths 7. The swabs made are a total of 246 thousand. These are the data that emerged from the usual meeting between the Health Department, directors of the local health authorities, hospitals, university polyclinics and the Bambino Gesù children’s hospital, for updates on the coronavirus emergency. “For the first time in Lazio, the total number of people recovered (3580) exceeds that of the current positive ones. Now is the time to keep attention high”, comments Alessio D’Amato today. 5 Covid patients are still hospitalized in the center of Palidoro.

Updates on new ASL contagions for ASL

ASL Roma 1: 6 new positive cases;
Asl Roma 2: 4 new positive cases;
ASL Roma 3: 1 new positive case;
ASL Roma 4: There are no new positive cases;
Asl Roma 5: 3 new positive cases;
Asl Roma 6: 2 new positive cases. 64-year-old man died;
Frosinone Local Health Authority: There are no new positive cases or deaths;
Latina Local Health Authority: 4 new positive cases. A 94-year-old woman with previous pathologies has died;
Asl of Rieti: There are no new positive cases or deaths;
Viterbo Local Health Authority: 1 new positive case, no death.

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