The xylella arrives in the Bari area, Coldiretti alarm: five infected olive trees in Locorotondo


The Xylella crosses the borders of Salento and arrives in the province of Bari: 5 olive trees have been infected, full-blown, in the Lorotondo countryside. To announce it is Coldiretti Puglia who denounces “the seriousness of the situation”.Coldiretti Puglia continues: 49 olive trees are infected according to the analysis of the latest samplings: 2 in Crispiano (Taranto), 3 in Ostuni and 39 in Francavilla Fontana in the province of Brindisi, in addition to 5 in Locorotondo). Coldiretti points the finger at “the delays in the explants in recent years that have allowed the advance of the disease”.


Xylella, Coldiretti counts the damages: “In Puglia lost 1.6 billion euros in six years”

“The new infections detected cause the province of Bari to tremble – underlines Savino Muraglia, president of Coldiretti Puglia -. The scenario is further aggravated, while a shared and univocal strategy between regional, national and community bodies to stop the disease continues to be lacking”.
Coldiretti Puglia accuses “the control system of the European Union with colander boundaries that have let infected plant material pass, since the bacterium that is destroying the Apulian olive trees was introduced into Salento from Costa Rica through the Rotterdam trade routes”.”From autumn 2013, the date on which it was ascertained on an olive plot in Gallipoli, the disease – concludes Coldiretti – has spread without an effective strategy being applied to stop the contagion which, after having dried the olive trees of Lecce, it has affected the olive heritage of Brindisi and Taranto and has now also arrived in the province of Bari “.

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