the worst is behind us, but no to the nightlife


According to the latest Civil Protection bulletin, 227,364 were infected with Coronavirus in Italy yesterday. New cases from Covid-19 increase by 665. Here is the map of contagion in all Italian regions:

Lombardy: 85,775

Piedmont: 29,885

Emilia Romagna: 27,364

Veneto: 19.030

Tuscany: 9,982

Liguria: 9,289

Lazio: 7,533

Brands: 6.677

Campania: 4,714

Puglia: 4,407

Trento: 4,368

Sicily: 3,411

Friuli VG: 3,209

Abruzzo: 3,205

Bolzano: 2,587

Umbria: 1,427

Sardinia: 1,355

Aosta Valley: 1,175

Calabria: 1,156

Molise: 422

Basilicata: 393

Phase 2, which began on May 18, gets to the heart: despite the general respect for the rules, there have been cases of gathering and nightlife in some Municipalities that have led the Governors of some Regions to threaten a new lockdown if the measures are not respected to contain the infection. Minister Boccia brakes on the reopening of the Regions from 3 June, declaring that high risk areas will not be able to participate in interregional mobility. The revival decree has been published in the Official Gazette: over 50 billion euros for support for families and businesses. From 2 June Alitalia will restore international flights to New York, Spain and South America, as well as introducing subsidized flights to Sardinia. Transport Minister De Micheli said that all airports will reopen from June 3. The Veneto Region organizes itself to carry out the swabs in a “pool”, using only one test tube every ten tests. Meanwhile, research shows that one in ten Milanese had antibodies to Coronavirus before February 21, and that therefore the epidemic had been around long before the so-called “patient zero”.

Nearly 5 million Coronavirus cases worldwide; the University of Cambridge announces that there will be no face-to-face lessons for at least one year. Over 300,000 infections in Coronavirus in Russia, a record death yesterday yesterday; hundreds of infections in Russia’s largest gold mine in Siberia. President Trump said it was “an honor” to hold the primacy of Coronavirus cases worldwide, and added that “China’s incompetence has resulted in a worldwide massacre”; even the Oscar ceremony may be postponed due to the pandemic. There have been over 100,000 cases worldwide in the past 24 hours: this is the highest figure since the start of the pandemic.

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