“The woman I see now”. The ex’s doubt about the “deep kiss” – Libero Quotidiano


“Do you really think to kiss her? To give her a deep kiss?”. A Giorgio Manetti does not convince the interest of Nicola, in art Sirius, towards Gemma Galgani, It is not the first time that il Seagull of Florence, the first historical flirtation of the Lady of Turin a Men and women, beating hard on the idyll born in Throne Over between the woman and the young Navy officer. ù

“But I don’t think a 26-year-old boy would be attracted to Gemma,” he explains bluntly Men and women Magazine. But it is precisely Galgani that reserves the hardest words. The farewell given on September 4, 2014 seems even further: “I would not have built an eight-month story with the woman I see now.”

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