The Witcher 3, Triss Merigold comes to life in hikka_cosplay cosplay –


A cosplay a day keeps the doctor away: if there are two, even better. Let’s go back with a new appointment in our afternoon column, and with a themed work The Witcher 3. Yes, exactly: there is a new one Extremely faithful Triss Merigold to the character of the well-known franchise to keep an eye on.

There cosplayer hikka_cosplay has decided to impersonate the beautiful red-haired witch of The Witcher 3 in a practically flawless way: we even challenge you to find out of place details, and to point them out in the comments section. The artist – professional cosplayer – has paid particular attention to his interpretation of Triss Merigold, so much so that the character seems to come directly from the novels and videogames by The Witcher. It could easily challenge the Yennefer cosplay that we proposed a few days ago.

here you are the image of the cosplay in question: what do you think? The Witche 3, five years after its launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, continues to be talked about; you can also play its conversion for Nintendo Switch, despite the obvious limitations of the case. And what about the future? Well, it seems that The Witcher 4 will have Ciri as the protagonist.

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