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The last week of May is ending with a rather busy morning as regards the teams and the houses involved in F1. Renault and Mercedes, through the Daimler group, have confirmed that they intend to stay in F1 for a long time. There Williamsinstead, which is among the stables certainly put more in difficulty by the global pandemic linked to the Coronavirus, said it had begun to evaluate the transfer of the stable also in light of the loss of the main sponsor Rokit.

Williams: “We evaluate new options for future stability”

If sold, the Williams name could to disappear from the starting grid of F1 after a success story that began back in 1977 and which led to the conquest of nine manufacturer titles and seven driver titles. “It is early to talk about whether the Williams name will remain in the title of the new team or not – the words of Claire Williams reached by the English newspaper – our family would certainly like to always see the Williams name in F1. This decision to put the team up for sale was made to ensure the best possible future for the team. We have tried to bring the team to be in a good position and with excellent prospects, a base that can be attractive to any buyers. There was not a particular factor that triggered this latest move, but a sum of circumstances. What my father cares about most is the fact that our employees are put first. And that’s what we’re doing. Being competitive, then, is the second objective and it is precisely through the sale that we want to try to pursue it “.


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