The wedding starts again, Campania and Puglia first for the ‘yes’ – Chronicle


The fateful “yes” held back by covid19 now starts again. At the forefront of weddings are Campania and Puglia, the two regions where the tradition of celebration and celebration continues in a stronger way and where there is a huge economic supply. In Campania, for example, Assocastelli estimates a movement of money of two billion a year between locations, catering, photographers, gifts, favors, beauticians, hairdressers and stylists. A sector in which thousands of people who have stood still for a long time work. The civil rites have been resumed for a few days in Naples, in the halls of the Municipalities, while in Bari they will resume tomorrow respecting the guidelines for the celebration issued by the Municipality: civil weddings can take place in the wedding hall in Corso Vittorio Veneto and in other city halls for those who do not want to postpone the union until autumn or spring 2021.

The Apulian rules provide for guests, witnesses and photographers with masks, while the spouses can do without it during the ceremony, keeping themselves two meters away from the celebrant and after having all been subjected to temperature measurement and hand sanitation. The spaces must also be reorganized to ensure that the distance between the participants is maintained, ensuring that the seating position is respected, at least one meter and a half is respected and if the distance from the celebrant cannot be ensured, the station dedicated to the ritual it can be equipped with plexiglass dividers. Love in the time of covid19 works like this, but the restart is judged to be slow and the operators put pressure on the institutions. Yesterday the Campania governor Vincenzo De Luca held a meeting with representatives of the wedding sector ensuring that he will work to achieve a recovery, with the necessary prescriptions, in the next half of June.

“A protocol is needed immediately – warns Stefano Sgueglia, leader of Assocastelli, the association of historic houses but also hotels dedicated to weddings – it’s late on June 15, to organize a wedding it takes at least a month. We are ready with the spacing the tables and we can divide crowded weddings into two days: if you have 200 guests you will have the ceremony one day with 100 relatives and the next day with 100 friends “.

Wedding organizers also ask religious authorities to authorize the church wedding on Sunday, to get rid of the backlog. The Campania Bishops’ Conference, meanwhile, has given the green light today for weddings and baptisms in the church, with a limited number of participants, but still no one has said “yes” to the priest after the covid19.


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