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Francesco Fredella

It’s over. Belen Rodriguez, after the rumors of the past few hours, clarifies and talks about a difficult moment with Stefano De Martino. A black crisis. A crisis of fire, announced with an unexpected video. Without entrusting phrases to the prestigious weeklies in the world of the news, Rodriguez – this time – prefers to speak face to face with the followers. But online there are those who continue to think of a rapprochement with Andrea Iannone (with whom he had a story born thanks to Jeremias, the Rodriguez child).

There are no confirmations, but many drafts. Like the second one. which the two they would have recently met in Milan. Coincidentally. Everything would have happened near a famous shop in the center (among the fashion streets). But this has little relevance. Iannone, according to the well-informed, has always been close to Rodriguez in times of difficulty, despite their shipwrecked history. Now Belen find the warmth of the family, of the so-called Rodriguez clan. That didn’t leave me alone. Cecilia, Ignazio Moser, Jeremias and parents.

In the meantime, Stefano De Martino does not speak. They tell us that he is still in Naples where he is busy with the recordings of Made in South. Yet it seemed like love. That love never ended after the wedding. That rediscovered love. That made fans dream. Probably, from rumors, Belen could take refuge in Ibiza (where he has spent the holidays for years) to find his temper. Everyone hopes it’s a passing crisis. A storm. Everyone awaits the peaceful.

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