The voice dictations of Apple and Google in comparison: the difference is and is a lot (video)


Giovanni Bortolan

One of the comparisons that is very often made between devices with different operating systems concerns the difference in performance of the various voice assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Bixby and whoever has more). Today ‘s one concerns the behavior and speed of the vocal dictation, and in some ways it is even more interesting.

To show us the curious test is James Cham on Twitter, who compared his iPhone to a Google Pixel terminal by saying one long and articulated sentence at one time, complete with commas and various punctuation. The difference is clear. The voice dictation of the Google home device is practically simultaneous with James’ voice and guess words, composition of sentences and punctuation. The iPhone, for its part, was not only much slower, but also more inaccurate, returning phrases like “Poor Michael Geer is just to show …” instead of “Part of my goal here is just to show …”.

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Looking at the results of this short test, it is impossible not to praise Google for the work done in optimizing the vocal dictation process, which includes neural computation dynamics, reduced latency but above all it is a process carried out on the device hardware. It is interesting to note instead (as pointed out in the comments of the post) how the performance on the iPhone improve significantly – almost reaching those of the Pixel – if you use the keyboard Gboard.

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