The visual history of the coronavirus: the latest Lab24 project


Everything starts in Wuhan, then Italy becomes the new epicenter of the virus that, like a swarm, moves from one region of the world to another, blocking the movement of people and the economy as never happened, since the Second World War on. Piazza Affari on 11 March lost 16.92%, the worst session in its history. Two days later, Wall Street drops -12%, the worst daily drop since 1987. The Stability Pact, which has been the subject of debate for years, is suspended, while the central banks, which have recently exited years of expansionary policies to face the financial crisis before and then sovereign debts are faced with a new, dizzying recession with extraordinary measures.

While science is confronted with a virus that has only recently arrived in humans with an unprecedented effort: dozens of projects that aim to find a vaccine, experiments on old and new drugs, investigations to understand how it is transmitted, if it guarantees immunity , whether it weakens or not in the summer heat. Investigations to understand when it really arrived in humans.

On Lab24 the first work dedicated to the coronavirus was the page with the data, the map and the graphs of the spread of the epidemic in Italy. It has been online for three months, just after the first case in Codogno on February 21st. Initially it was just a map, to locate the first red areas. Then the lockdown came across Lombardy and shortly thereafter across Italy: so the page grew, with new charts, regional and provincial focuses, international comparisons.

It has exceeded 50 million page views, with a peak of accesses every day around 6 pm, when civil protection issues new daily data. It is the most viewed page in the history of

Hundreds of emails and thousands of social messages have arrived. Readers have proposed new views, in some cases accepted, which have made the coronavirus page in Italy a shared project.

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