The virus may remain in circulation even after the spread of a vaccine


According to some researchers, Sars-cov-2 could continue to circulate for decades even after the discovery and spread of a vaccine. The covid-19 could therefore be among what experts call endemic diseases, that is, those that remain in circulation despite efforts to eradicate them. This is the case, for example, with measles, HIV or chickenpox.

This does not mean, the Washington Post explains, that the situation will always be so terrible: “There are already four endemic coronaviruses that circulate causing the common cold. Many experts believe that Sars-cov-2 will become the fifth and argue that the effects will lessen as immunity spreads and our bodies adapt. The fight against endemic diseases requires long-range thinking, sustained effort and international coordination. Such efforts require time, money and above all political will ”.

Another point to consider is the effectiveness of a possible vaccine, which is not obvious: “At the beginning, the global demand for the vaccine will far exceed the supply. About 60 to 80 percent of the world’s population needs to be vaccinated to achieve flock immunity. Without international agreements, a war on hoarding could be waged, with ineffective vaccination campaigns. ”

To these aspects there is the issue of prevention, not as simple as it seems. The challenge, not new for public health, is to “get people to think long-term”.

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