“The virus is a trick” In 200 in the square in Rome against the government. Orange vests in Milan


Unannounced event in the center of Rome. About 200 people reached Piazza Venezia with the intention of going to Montecitorio. Law enforcement officers on site. The event was born from a group “March on Rome” born on social networks. “The virus is a trick to invent the crisis,” shouted the protesters contained by the police cordons that block the access to the streets towards Montecitorio.

Armored are located at the beginning of Via del Corso, so the protesters organized a sit in at the center of the intersection. Some tense moments in the negotiation between the leaders and the police officers. Many wear T-shirts with the words “March on Rome”, “and there are also representatives of Casapound” explains one of the spokesmen who speaks on the megaphone. “We want to say to the government that the virus is a Trojan horse, it does not exist – he explains – and for this reason many today do not wear a mask. They are making us fail, I don’t know what their political plan is, they want to redo the social rules. They want to confine us and register us all. ” From the group slogans like “freedom freedom” and the anthem of Mameli.

There have been tense moments with the police. Protesters with their arms raised approached the riot police cordon, which blocked their way. “There are people here who don’t eat. There are people who have not taken a salary for 4 months. We are hungry “say the demonstrators, some wrapped in the Italian flag. The protesters want to reach Montecitorio. “They made us die. We are decent people – one of the women told an agent – you are my brother. We are all Italians “. “Let us pass on that it is the right thing,” said another.

Following the event, 70 people were identified and reported. According to what has been learned, the sanctions regarding the non-compliance with the anti-Covid rules are also being examined: the protesters were without masks, did not respect the anti-dismantling distances and some arrived outside Lazio, thus violating the ban on mobility between regions.

A few hundred people gathered this morning in Piazza Duomo in Milan for a demonstration of the “Orange Vests”, a protest movement which calls, among other things, for a return to the “Italian lira” and a “government voted by the people”. During the event, led by Antonio Pappalardo, the majority of the participants did not respect the safety distances for the Covid emergency and there were in fact some gatherings also around the representatives of the movement who spoke into the microphone, after having laid banners land. Some of the participants of the demonstration in Milan also kept their masks down while shouting protest choruses.

The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, announced on Facebook his intention to denounce the creators of the protest: “I asked the prefect to denounce the organizers of the so-called ‘orange vests’ demonstration. An act of irresponsibility in a city like Milan that is trying so hard to get out of the difficult situation in which it finds itself “. In particular, the leader of the movement Antonio Pappalardo was denounced for violating the provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May, which still prevents the gatherings and punishes those who do not wear a mask.

In Bologna, a police passage was also necessary to invite the demonstrators, who met this morning in Piazza Maggiore for a protest against the government, to keep their safety distances and to wear a mask. Groups of people, including some orange vests, found themselves on the Crescentone, with banners and flags, for this initiative without however respecting the measures to contain the contagions from Covid-19 and creating gatherings.

Around 250 people participated in the protest in Florence, but, in this case, there was no need for law enforcement: everyone had a mask. A little less attended by the demonstration in Turin, in Piazza Statuto: even there, however, some protesters did not wear a mask.

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