“The virus has not gone away, watch out for new outbreaks”


WHO reiterates what should already be obvious: the virus has not gone away

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Maybe a little too superficial, maybe someone thinks that the COVID-19 has been passing through and has already left. Not so, alert theWHO in the person of David Navarro. Just the security measures adopted so far: masks, distancing social, but be careful not to trip over the same mistakes as the phase 1.

New outbreaks are feared, this is the biggest concern: the return to a phase 1.2. “We must prepare for the eventuality”, warns theWHO, at this rate you can face any other wave.

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Vaccino, WHO Deputy Director: “Marketing by June 2021”

covid spallanzani Vaccine

The WHO Deputy Director, Rainier War, has announced some updates on the vaccines topic. As reported by the news agency Adnkronos, Ranieri Guerra claimed that there are currently around 80 candidates in development around the world. Among these, a small part (five or six) have already passed the first phase, that of verification.

Ranieri Guerra, whose words were reported by Adnkronos, kept pointing out that “if things go beautifully well”, therefore looking at the situation with aoptimism, we may have, by first quarter 2021 very serious candidates. The latter, according to Guerra, could enter the market by the end of the first half, therefore, by June 2021.

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