The virologist Silvestri: When you open schools, children get little sick and don’t transmit the infection


The virologist Silvestri: When you open schools, children get little sick and do not transmit the infection

The virologist Guido Silvestri spoke on Facebook about the document on the measures to be taken on returning to school, drawn up by the Scientific Technical Committee. The scientist published a recent study on children’s infection capacity in schools. A study carried out in the USA which was also attended by Italian scholars. For Silvestri, virologist at Emory University in Atlanta, children not only have little chance of getting coronavirus, but they also have no chance of passing on the virus to peers and adults.

Furthermore, the closure of schools would not have so much impact on the progress of the infections. Confirmation also comes from Sara Gandini, expert in epidemiology and statistics of world value and research director at Semm (School of Molecular Medicine) and Ieo (European Institute of Oncology).

Gandini says that many scientists believe that politicians should take this low contagion into account when they consider keeping schools closed for such a long time.


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