The violence committed by police during protests in the United States


The US police carried out violence and abuses to repress the demonstrations and riots that have been going on for days in the main American cities, to ask for justice for the death of George Floyd and the end of the discrimination and systematic abuses committed by the forces of the US order towards African Americans. Many of these violent and worrying episodes against violent and peaceful demonstrators, as well as journalists and television operators, have been filmed and spread on social networks, where they are provoking indignation and protests. They show police officers using rubber bullets or stinging spray, shoving and beating protesters, and even driving the service car against the crowd.

In Minneapolis, some policemen fired paint bullets at a group of people who watched them from their veranda in a residential area.

In Atlanta, Georgia, journalists filmed a violent arrest of an African American couple who were in a stationary car. The video first shows a policeman forcing the woman on the passenger’s seat to get out of the car. Then another policeman breaks the glass of the driver’s seat and the man behind the wheel is hit by a taser, that is, by an electric gun, before being pulled out of the car in turn.

Another very violent arrest, during which some police officers beat a man already on the ground in front of many other protesters who accused them of committing an abuse of force, took place in Seattle.

In Salt Lake City, an elderly man with a walking stick was knocked to the ground by a policeman for no apparent justification during a live television broadcast.

In Brooklyn, a New York neighborhood, two police cars were driven against a group of people demonstrating.

The same scene was also shot from above and shows the dynamics better.

Also in New York, a video was shot in which an agent is seen approaching a protester with his arms raised, he lowers the mask on his face and sprays a stinging spray on his face.

Another New York policeman violently threw a protester to the ground after insulting her.

In Minneapolis, a policeman used the stinging spray on a journalist from Vice News who had already landed on police orders after saying he was a journalist.

The journalist of the Los Angeles Times Molly Hennessy-Fiske said that while she was outside a police station in Minneapolis she was hit by a can of tear gas fired by the police despite her and her colleagues – about a dozen newspaper and TV journalists were present – yes were identified as members of the press. The video does not show the scene, which has not been filmed, but the journalist explains what happened to her.

Even in Louisville, Kentucky, the police fired at a television crew that was broadcasting live: in the video you can see a policeman aiming at the camera.

In Houston, Texas, a mounted police officer instead drove his animal towards other policemen: among them there was an almost stationary protester, with a sign in his hand, and the policeman ran over her with the horse, which he stepped on the woman.

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