the video of the protests in Barcelona


Nissan has recently announced that it will close its Barcelona plant next December: workers are rebelling. Video.

Nissan workers
Nissan, workers set fire to tires: video of protests in Barcelona (Photo: Youtube)

There crisis in the field automotive has distorted the strategies of the various companies operating on the market, which have had to change course between layoffs is savings plans overtime. So too Nissan it is not going through a good period and has recently decided that it will close it establishment of Barcelona next December.

The productions of the factory have recently started again, but the Japanese car manufacturer it also plans to lay off a fifth of the workforce in the factory. A decision received rather badly.

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Nissan, layoffs at the Barcelona plant: workers rebel

Nissan workers tires
Nissan, workers set fire to tires: video of protests in Barcelona (Photo: Youtube)

It is counted that approx 3,000 jobs they will be lost, while another 25,000 will be affected indirectly by these measures. Such have not been taken well by employees who called it strike, during which they gave rise to a demonstration, unfortunately, not very peaceful and regardless of the rules on social distancing.

THE workers they gathered and placed in front of the gates of the establishment of Barcelona a high amount of tires, giving them to flames. In video you notice how the protagonists of the revolt start the fire spreading gasoline and feeding it by launching further tires.

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