the unmarried teacher can evaluate it for the parents


The evaluation of the reunification score in the transfer is established in the table attached to the CCNI. The unmarried teacher can evaluate the score for reunification with the parents

A reader writes to us:

I would like to have clarifications regarding territorial mobility for unmarried teachers who want to approach parents who do not have 104. I have read, but I would not have misunderstood, that if a teacher is not married, the fact of having a parent in the place of destination gives score, but analyzing the recent mobility question it didn’t seem to me that I had seen the possibility to insert such case studies. From the current demand for territorial mobility it seemed to me that for those who have neither children nor husband, the score attributed is only that of the service and any qualifications and therefore the possibility of approaching the parents definitively are almost nil

The score due in the transfer is evaluated on the basis of the items indicated in the evaluation table attached to the mobility contract.

In addition to the score for the service and for the qualifications, the family needs can be assessed, as indicated in Table A2, where the following types are distinguished:

  • family reunification
  • minor children

Family reunification score

The reunification score is established in letter A) of the aforementioned Table, where it is clarified that by reunification with the spouse or, in the case of teachers without a spouse or separated judicially or consensually with an act approved by the court, by reunification with parents or to the children, they are up to 6 points

When the reunion score is due

As explained in the explanatory note 6) of the Evaluation Table, the score is for the municipality of residence of the family members provided that, at the date of publication of the order, they have actually resided there with registration for at least three months.

The residence of the family member to whom reunification is requested must be documented with a personal declaration drawn up in accordance with the provisions contained in the Presidential Decree 28.12.2000, n. 445 and subsequent amendments and additions in which the starting date of the registration itself must be indicated.

The reunification score is exclusively for schools located in the municipality where the family member lives, requested both with analytical and synthetic preference.

The score is also due in the event that in the municipality where there is a family need there are no educational institutions that can be requested (i.e. that do not include the applicant’s teaching or staff locations), in which case the score will be awarded for all schools of the nearest municipality, according to the proximity tables, or for the municipality of the school that has a complex in the municipality, if included in the preferences.


The information that our reader had, therefore, is incorrect.

As an unmarried teacher, he could, in fact, have been able to use, for the transfer, 6 additional points for the schools located in the municipality where his parents lived, if he had asked to be reunited with them, declaring their residence with the relative time period and if he had inserted in the application form the municipality in which the score in question belongs

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