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by Caitlin Johnston * – RT

Anti-Beijing sentiment is deliberately raised by an imperialist America, its supine allies and supporting oligarchs. But it’s just selfish propaganda.

China is on the front page every day. Today, here in Australia, we are pretending to be offended because a Chinese tabloid has published the accusation that our nation is a “giant kangaroo that acts as a dog of the United States”, although we all know that it is completely true and we should be flattered that at least they used the term “giant”.

Before this article, we were outraged by a heavy barley tariff in response to the spread of the anti-Chinese defamatory campaign from the United States, which as it turns out Washington has imposto.

Anti-Chinese sentiment is increasingly flourishing in Australia, aided by our media outlets dominated by Murdoch, State Department-funded think tanks specifically geared to manipulating Chinese fiction and, of course, our rooted racism and xenophobia.

Due to its geographical location, the US military and intelligence resource, conventionally known as Australia, is an important focal point of the propaganda campaign of the centralized empire of the United States against the most powerful nation not absorbed by the latter.

China is constantly in the news now, and it’s not because of any viruses. It’s not because of Hong Kong, it’s not because of the Uyghurs, it’s not because of intellectual property infringements or anything else, irrelevant to the excuses being fueled as to why the Chinese government should be considered the new Hitler at the sudden.

To understand what’s going on with China and why the “news” media continues to punch it in the face with stories about how terrible it is, you just need to grasp two basic points:

Point 1: We are in the midst of a slow-moving World War III between the centralized power alliance from the United States and the nations that have resisted their absorption.

A free alliance of nationless oligarchs who use governments as weapons has ensured control over a large group of empire-like nations with economies and armed forces that could loosely centralize around the United States. To gain more power and ensure its ongoing hegemony, this oligarchic empire must continue to expand by absorbing more nations and brutalizing them if they resist. China is by far the most powerful of the unabsorbed nations, followed by Russia and Iran.

Nuclear weapons make another hot world war undesirable, so this takes the form of resource control, economic warfare, twists, armies of opposing militias to be used as proxy armies, expanding the military presence in key geostrategic regions with the claim to combat terrorism and “humanitarian intervention”, with large-scale land-based invasions of the old school used only as a last resort, and only after producing sufficient international approval to ensure the constant cohesion of the empire-like power alliance .

But the ultimate goal is the same as in a conventional world war: to defeat the other side with submission. And, in this case, absorption into the imperial sphere. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the orthodoxy prevalent in the US power structures became that the United States had to maintain unipolar hegemony at all costs to maintain a “liberal world order” (even if it means abandoning “liberal values” “Whenever it’s convenient). From that moment on, the agenda has been global domination and the slow and suffocating subversion of whoever gets in the way.

Point 2: Propaganda is used to advance this world war.

In a conventional war, each side has clear military objectives that everyone understands and weapons are naturally moved according to these objectives. In this strange world war in slow motion, nobody understands what is going on besides the main power players and those who are paying close attention.

The various agendas against the governments of Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Syria, China, etc. they look different and unrelated when viewed individually, and in fact you will see different political factions that support some of these agendas but not others. The only thing that unites this slow motion towards the destruction and absorption of all non-aligned nations are carefully constructed propaganda narratives.

The way these unifying propaganda narratives operate is simple. It would never happen to citizens to classify and think that a nation on the other side of the planet that is practically doing its own thing must be sanctioned, subverted and taken to the limit, so the imperialist oligarchs who own the media make sure that everyone is powered by narrations tailored according to one’s ideological echo chamber to prevent any domestic inertia from being launched on these programs.

Once there is enough agreement that Saddam / Gaddafi / Morales / Assad / Maduro / the campaign to subvert, sabotage and absorb that government can be quietly intensified.

If you can understand points one and two, you can understand everything that is happening with China and all that will continue to happen. Propaganda narratives will be launched with increasing aggression, which have the long-term goal of alienating China from its allies, injuring its economic interests and preventing it from rising to true superpower status and creating a multipolar world.

And the funny thing is that none of this is necessary. Westerners have been deliberately touted in believing that China wants to conquer the world and will do so if not in line with the United States, which surrounded China with military bases in an act of extreme aggression that the United States itself would never tolerate government not absorbed. But if you really question people about what they know about China wanting to take over the world, you will find that they have no substantial evidence of it.

They will tell you that China has an authoritarian government that persecutes ethnic and religious minorities, mistakenly claiming that this means they want to conquer the world and inflict the same on everyone else. They will tell you that China has tried to expand control over some directly adjacent territories, mistakenly stating that this means they want to dominate the planet militarily as the United States currently does.

They will cite evidence showing that China is trying to become a superpower and create a multipolar world (something that China openly admits) and erroneously claim that this is evidence that they are trying to dominate the world with unipolar hegemony.

They will not be able to produce any concrete and concrete evidence that China is trying to take over the world, censor the Internet and steal its rights, because there is no such evidence. It is a completely empty belief resulting from aggressive narrative manipulation.

“A myth that I really think needs to be dispelled is that China is somehow aiming to replace America and is going to rule the world, and it isn’t,” said Eric Li on John Pilger’s documentary The Coming War on China .

“First of all, the Chinese are not that stupid. The West, with its Christian roots, is about converting other people into their beliefs. The Chinese don’t talk about it. It’s just that – again, I’m not degrading Western culture, I’m just pointing out the intrinsic nature, the DNA of two different cultures – the Chinese two thousand years ago built the Great Wall to keep the barbarians out. ”

I would say this is a reasonable summary. After some European nations attempted to conquer the planet just a few generations ago in the name of the spread of Christianity and “civilization”, we are projecting our sick colonialist values ​​onto a nation whose culture has never led to such madness .

Violent domination of the entire planet for all eternity with the vague suspicion that another country wants to do the same with you is not healthy and is not an option. Unabsorbed nations should be allowed to remain unabsorbed, absorbed nations should be restored to their sovereignty (or, in the case of Australia, granted for the first time since its existence as a nation) and America should begin to behave as a normal country.

The notion of “pre-crime” falls under the dystopian horror fiction when applied to individuals, and there is no reason why we should find the prospect of attacking and destroying hypothetical future crimes on an international scale.

There has never been a reason why the coronavirus turned into a matter of international conflict when it could easily have been a matter of international collaboration, and indeed collaboration is what we should all do, with this virus and everything else. Let’s end this strange world war in slow motion and move towards sanity.

*Caitlin Johnston is an independent journalist working from Melbourne, Australia. His twitter account is: @caitoz

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