the United States like Italy


The United States like Italy. The choice of patient intubation caused by the high request for hospitalization and the absence of intensive care beds

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The United States of America is still in the nerve center of the coronavirus emergency. Despite the large amount of hospital facilities and hospitalization beds for patients, US health workers are faced with a choice in these hours rather arduous.

Choose who to keep alive and who not. It is the tragic motto that we have also tasted in Italy, during the darkest moments of the pandemic. Draw lots to choose who to intubate due to the absence of beds and the high request for hospitalization in intensive care.

The dramatic situation of the epidemic today has undergone a mirror projection on the other side of the Earth’s hemisphere. A starred magazine analyzed statistical data on patients chosen for survival in various hospitals specializing in anti-Covid care.

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The choice of patients to be treated: who decides

patient choice
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The choice between who to intubate and who not it certainly does not fall on the doctors who will be engaged in the treatment of patients on the ICU beds. According to what reported byAnnals of Internal Medicine the assessment affects a group of 8 experts among nurses, members of the ethics safety committee and the presence of a doctor.

Each patient is classified according to chance of survival and depending on theage. Priority is given among those who perform a job of assistance for the next he health workers, Osa and Oss which represent indispensable aid figures for anti-covid treatments.

However, there were extreme circumstances for 15 hospitals out of 67 Total, end up under the magnifying glass of the statistics magazine. In those departments the choice did not concern who had the greatest chance of survival but those patients who even had the same health, physical and registry conditions.

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patient choice
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Doctors have chosen to give importance to the time factor linked to who first visited the emergency room or using a draw.

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