The United States leaves WHO California, a contagion boom


NEW YORK «America First» becomes more and more «America alone». Since yesterday Donald Trump has decided that the United States will formally exit the World Health Organization. The decision comes a few weeks after the president had already announced a drastic cut in funding for the UN organization that fights diseases worldwide. Trump had already claimed then, and repeated it yesterday, that the WHO is guilty of covering up the responsibilities of the Chinese in the birth and expansion of the coronavirus pandemic. Several other countries had recognized that the WHO had made mistakes, but all had suggested to Trump not to weaken the WHO when a pandemic is mowing lives across the globe.
Worldwide collaboration does not seem to be at the top of the president’s priorities, while the data confirm that there is something mathematically certain in the behavior of the coronavirus, and that it should be managed collectively. This is shown by the latest data from states that reopened two weeks ago, where the virus has regained strength. This is the case for Wisconsin, Mississippi and Alabama. Wisconsin is the most sensational case, since it suddenly reopened, after an appeal by the Republican lawmakers to the state Supreme Court, against the decree of the democratic governor. The judges gave reason to the Republicans who complained about a too severe lockdown, and the lockdown expired from one hour to the next. The bars have filled up, and now, two weeks later, the number of infections in the state has risen to almost 17,000, with 539 deaths. Just because the two major metropolitan areas of Milwaukee and Madison immediately adopted their local lockdown decrees, the numbers weren’t even worse.
Another example that must serve as a warning comes from California, where in 24 hours the cases of contagion have jumped by more than 2700 cases and where, as a consequence, some counties are closing their doors after having opened them. At the national level, cases of contagion continue, but with less dramatic numbers than a month or two ago, mainly because the spread of the virus in outbreak states, such as New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, is almost under control. But there is no doubt that the coronavirus is still in the spreading phase in the country, and since Wednesday the total deaths have returned above a thousand per day (around 1200-1300). But these deaths are spread across the 50 states. As of yesterday, the total number of infections in the United States reached 1 million 767 thousand, and the deaths were 103 thousand and 500, that is, 29 percent of the total deaths globally. Brazil is in second place, where the laissez faire of President Jair Bolsonaro has certainly not helped. The number of infections and deaths grows dramatically, with 321 thousand infections and almost 25 thousand deaths. And many assure that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that the numbers are much more devastating, but ignored for lack of testing and medical care.
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