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Electric scooters (distant cousins ​​of motorcycles and scooters) have become one of the most popular solutions to move around the city quickly, easily and safely, at least as regards Coronavirus infection, since they allow you to avoid (or in any case reduce) the use of public transport. The government also likes them, given that they are part of the relaunch decree which provides for an incentive to purchase up to a maximum of 500 euros (we talk about it here). The small size and the possibility of folding them on themselves to load them in the car trunk also makes them perfect for commuters: once the car is parked, the scooter is “opened” and off you go. Are you thinking about it? Here are some very interesting models.
Be careful though, limited funds are likely to take us to a clickday to get the bonus, that’s why. MomoDesign Monaco85

The Milanese company offers this new electric scooter with 8.5 “wheels, 350 W motor and 14 kg of weight. The maximum speed is 20 km / h, the range 15-18 km, can face slopes of 10 ° and to stop it uses a rear disc brake. The battery recharges in 3-4 hours. Price 399 euros.

BMW e-scooter

BMW is among the few motorcycle manufacturers that also have an electric scooter on the list. This is done in collaboration with Micro, reaches a maximum speed of 20 km / h, weighs 9.9 kg and is equipped with brakes with separate control on the two wheels. The LED lights are integrated into the structure. The battery guarantees an autonomy of 12 km and recharges in 2 and a half hours. Price: 820 euros. Ducati Pro II

Made by MT Distribution and branded Ducati, it is recognized for its magnesium frame and red details. The engine has a power of 350 W, while the battery is 280 Wh: it recharges in 5-6 hours and allows you to travel 25-30 km. The 10 ”wheels are fitted with puncture-proof tubeless tires. The brake system sees a disc at the rear, but the engine is in the front. It weighs 14 kg and is foldable. Price 549 euros.

Bad Bike MIG 2.5 / 3.5

Magnesium frame with removable battery, 10-inch wheels (wider than the competitors) with tubeless tires for both versions of the Bad Bike scooter (e-bike specialist): the 2.5 “street legal” and the 3, 5 cannot be used on the road. Both versions bear a load of about 100 kg and can travel between 25 and 30 km; the maximum speed is 25 km / h for the Mig 2.5 and 30 km / h for the 3.5. Price 590 euros.

Xiaomi MI

It is easy to use and very beautiful: its design was even awarded in 2017. Among the main features, the dedicated app, the 250 W motor, the speed up to 25 km / h and 30 km of autonomy. Interesting qualities for a “made in China” product equipped with front and rear LED lights, brakes also front and rear and 8.5-inch wheels. Price 399 euros.

Nilox Doc UrBAN

Nilox is known for its “action cameras”, but produces various models of scooters. This is the most sophisticated: it comes on with the keys, is equipped with a “motorcycle” accelerator on the right knob, has 3 modes of use (up to a maximum of 25 km / h) selectable from the display in the handlebar, horn and lights. The motor is 280 W, the autonomy of 20 km. It can be easily closed and transported. Price 420 euros.

NineBot Segway Kickscooter MAX G30

350 W motor, refined equipment and an autonomy of almost 65 km. But not only: there are 10-inch tubeless tires that guarantee driving comfort and stability and front and rear LED lights. The Max G30 is also equipped with a braking energy recovery system. The color display indicates speed, driving mode, light on / off, Bluetooth connection, error codes and battery level. Price 799 euros.

Ducati Scrambler Cross-e

Made by MT Distribution, it can be recognized for its “wave” rubberized platform, the large beam steel frame, the “big” 6.5 ”wheels and the double front headlight at the bottom. The engine has a power of 500 W, while the battery is 375 Wh: it recharges in 4-6 hours and offers an autonomy of 30-35 km. Two disc brakes. It weighs 28 kg and is foldable. Price 899 euros.

NanoMob EGO

It has the advantage of being light (weighs 12.5 kg) and having the removable battery (hidden in the handlebar barrel) so that it can be recharged anywhere in 2-3 hours. The motor is 350 W, the range of about 15 km and can overcome climbs of 15 °. It has an integrated cushioning system. The wheels are 8.5 “, at the rear there is a disc brake. Price 469 euros.

E-Town GT 2020

It weighs 13 kg, is driven by a 500 W motor and powered by a rechargeable battery in 4 hours. It has shock absorbers in front and behind, and is equipped with a battery charging system when braking and also has cruise control to set a speed to be kept automatically. Overcome climbs up to 25 ° and mount airless tires, i.e. without air and puncture. Price 990 euros.

Nito N1

Sturdy and elegant, Nito’s “vintage” scooter has an unusual wooden platform. The 180 W motor “pushes” up to 25 km / h in complete safety thanks to the steel frame, the wide tires with a 12 “inner tube and the front and rear disc brakes. The battery recharges in 3-4 hours, the autonomy is 20 km. It weighs 13 kg, folds in an instant and can be worn over the shoulder (accessory sold separately). Price 720 euros.

Micro Merlin

Designed for medium distances, it focuses on comfort and driving stability: the front wheel is 12 “and thanks to the suspension on both wheels it” digests “small disconnections. The battery guarantees an autonomy of 25 km and recharges in about 3 hours. It weighs 11 kg. Price 799 euros.

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