The truth, please, about fake coronavirus news


He is right to sell the Control Committee on Secret Services when he says that during the pandemic, Italy “has been subject to widespread online disinformation”. Take the hoax according to which the contagiousness of the virus would have been favored by the installation of the new generation telecommunication antennas, the 5G. It was even a famous adviser to various heads of government who relaunched this thesis in Italy, on March 22, with an eloquent tweet: his name is Gunter Pauli, he is a Belgian entrepreneur and he was indicated on March 5 as economic adviser also the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte; subsequently by the government they made it known that that appointment was no longer formalized, but in the meantime the hoax had ended up on the columns of a large national newspaper and was made its own by a few hundred mayors who have even prohibited the installation of 5G antennas on the their territory. Not a small damage. The most ridiculous hoax is probably linked to the tragic collapse of the INPS site on April 1 on the occasion of the launch of the 600 euros for self-employed workers. “It was a hacker attack!”, Had been the defensive version of INPS, immediately relaunched by the Prime Minister; but investigations have shown that the crash was caused by the wrong configuration of the servers which thus exposed the personal data of many citizens. Hackers, no trace; but in compensation not even for the resignation of those responsible. The most absurd and even offensive hoax, on the other hand, is surely the one according to which during the pandemic the deaths in Italy not only did not dramatically increase (as Istat certified) but they even decreased: a thesis supported by a superficial reading of a site of pseudo-statistics and published not on an obscure blog but in a large newspaper.
Who is behind the fake news about the coronavirus? The case would want to say. But Copasir says that instead foreign powers are moving that would like to destabilize us by selling non-existent treatments or minimizing the danger. In fact, Brazilian President Bolsonaro has been repeating for weeks that Sars Cov2 was like a flu, while U.S. President Trump has even started to take it personally to demonstrate the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as a drug to treat the virus. These are behaviors that have damaged their respective countries but it does not appear that the governments of the United States and Brazil have moved with the aim of hitting Italy. As well as the sways of theWorld Health Organization on the masks (no, maybe, yes), or the oscillation of the minimum social distance (one meter? two? three?) do not seem anti-Italian maneuvers but rather the effect of the legitimate uncertainty of science grappling with a new virus. For foreign powers, Copasir seems to refer rather to unspecified organizations linked to China and Russia that aim to destabilize Europe and the Atlantic Alliance “with misleading, decontextualized or partial messages”. In these cases, we are referring to that clot of conspiracy theses that the virus is a maneuver to control the world through vaccines by dark elites led by Bill Gates. Objectively dangerous messages, because they undermine trust in democratic institutions. A lot has been circulating the web since they were made their own in the speech delivered not in some mysterious deep web forum but in the Chamber of Deputies by a member of the mixed group who was elected with the M5s.

Then, yes, of course, there will also be “foreign sites that spread misleading news in a coordinated way on numerous platforms”. There will be. But at best we give him a nice hand. Recognizing it is the first step to really fighting them.

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