The true story of the parallel universe discovered by NASA



A Parallel universe where time flows backwards? An exciting and very suggestive idea, but let’s leave it to science fiction at the moment. Why the Nasa did not find out none of this. This is how things really are.

The origin of the parallel universe hoax

There hoax was born from a misunderstanding on the value of a discovery made some time ago (we told you about it here) from the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (Anita) project, which seems to have found neutrinos that scientists have never seen and that have not yet managed to explain. Speculatively, on April 8 of this year, New Scientist magazine published an article (for a fee) which discussed how the discovery of these neutrinos, if confirmed, could support alternative cosmological models, like the Multiverse theory.

From strange neutrinos to Upside down

Anita, which sees a participation of NASA, uses antennas placed on an air balloon over Antarctica to capture the traces of the passage of high energy neutrinos through the ice. Neutrinos are generally uncharged fundamental particles with very little mass, which do not interact almost at all with matter. For these reasons, even we are bombarded with billions of neutrinos per second, they are difficult to detect. It happens however that they can be generated by cosmic sources (explosions for example) which give them a lot of energy which makes them capable of interact with matter and give rise to secondary particles. And it is in these cases that Anita’s antennas intercept its passage.

In January, however, a team of project researchers published an article in which it publishes a small number of anomalous detections, which identify neutrinos with astrange inclination and of which scientists have failed to identify a possible cosmic source. In short, it seems that they are crossing the Earth in reverse, as if they had clashed with something else before. Hence to say that evidence has been found of a kind of Upside down, of a parallel universe made of antimatter where time flows in reverse, for the tabloid media the step was short.

The word to the researchers

Every time a scientific piece of news is misrepresented, inflated, decontextualized, dozens of scientists die a little inside. It must have been like that for Peter Gorham, scientific manager of Anita, who has decided to give an interview to ScienceAlert, to put everything right.

“One or more journalists evidently went ahead with an article without checking the source and, for unclear reasons, they attributed research and documents to us that we never wrote, and theories such as those involving parallel universes that neither we nor our collaborators hypothesized or discussed in any publication before these results were attributed to our experiment, “explained Gorham. “We have found a small number of anomalies in our data and only once all the possible explanations within the standard Model of physics have been exhausted, only then will it be time to consider other ideas that go beyond those boundaries“.

“We haven’t gotten there yet,” he concluded. “We are certainly not at the point where parallel universes are needed.”


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