the triumph of Tecno-finance and the October surprise


Many analysts are wondering if the pandemic will redesign the world, and how. It is obvious that we are approaching a great recession, perhaps more serious than that of ’29, a problem that affects most the multitudes.

Regarding this, it should be noted that the crisis we are entering does not affect the structural structure of capitalism at all, and this will further aggravate the condition of precariousness and / or poverty in which the lower-middle class is starting.

That is, if the crisis of ’29 had a political response aimed at alleviating the suffering of people who fell into poverty, thanks to economic recipes addressed to this purpose, the New Deal and more, what is happening now does not seem to have to repeat this virtuous curve.

We arrive in a crisis preceded by a long stagnation, it is the commonplace. In reality it is not entirely true: the money did not stand still, they moved, and how, going to accumulate more and more in the hands of a few billionaires.

A system no longer questioned

This dynamic has not even been questioned in the current contingency, so it will continue, continuing to vampirize wealth from the bottom up.

Indeed, if before the crisis the need for a reform of this predatory system had been timidly addressed, thanks to a few isolated voices, this pandemic debate has simply disappeared, as if it did not matter.

So the pandemic, rather than posing critical issues to that deranged system, even in the psychiatric sense of the term (pathology to which the self-proclaimed omnipotent elite is condemned), re-launches and strengthens it.

With the risk that the enslavement of finance and the economy to the few “chosen” becomes almost irreversible, where that is almost an opening to an unexpected extra-ordinary of vast potential (those who want can use the word miracle).

So while the lower-middle classes are suffering the pandemic scourge, for the elites in question it is an opportunity, also relaunching its role in politics, a space from which it had been ousted, in minimal but significant part, in recent years thanks to Brexit and Trump’s victory.

Even the network and information elites, who have undergone a similar top-down process (with exceptions vigorously opposed through the Fake-news emergency), have found similar opportunities in the pandemic, expanding sphere of influence and potential.

Triumphant Tecno-finance

Not only that, in the pandemic, the Bug techs have almost won the battle against the first real threat to their monopoly, which certainly is not affected by niche information like ours, having managed to parry the challenge posed by the Chinese Huawei.

In short, today the prospect appears to be that of a world in which the middle-poor classes will be impoverished, while the parallel and interdependent elites of Technology and Finance will be stronger than before. From this point of view it can be said that for them the scourge was a blessing.

This apart from the rather widespread alarmisms about the real purposes of mass vaccinations and the control of the multitudes via Apps and micro-chips, which although they have some truth, appear secondary: in reality the control and management of the masses is already in act.

Moreover, if the elites of Tecno-finance were the driving forces of globalization, it is not said that they will come up as such in the post-pandemic, which sees a world fractured according to a large fault line that separates the East from the West and others lines, minor, that dissect the two great geopolitical spheres relaunching ancient national subdivisions.

Fear and chaos

This fractured context appears difficult to recompose, at least in the short term, but it can find a unifying element in Fear and chaos (new pandemic critical issues, Terror, conflicts, climate emergency).

So if the horizon of the techno-financial elites can remain fixed in the return to globalization, it still has the ability to manage in the short term the fear and chaos with which the world’s new fractures are potentially harbingers.

This is because Fear and chaos by their nature are effusive (e.g. an attack is of global interest), hence the globalization of local critical issues and the consequent possibility of managing them.

In short, the Techno-financial Power is flexible and can operate and strengthen in various future scenarios, which certainly include, in the event of a short triumph, the return tout court to previous globalization (which would reproduce equal dynamics even if with a more widespread poverty ).

The China variable

The time of the pandemic has so far brought only one new macro-variable: the China-United States conflict, which can evolve according to two scenarios.

The first is an increasingly heated conflict that precipitates the world into a low intensity conflict between the two powers, with consequent chaos, up to the paroxysm of the apocalypse option, that is, an open war, the latter possibility unthinkable to most, but not to the aforementioned Power that has long been counting it among the possibilities. The second scenario is a return to a Cold War status, with the world divided between East and West, in a conflictual and precarious, but stable balance.

Trump, choosing the conflict with China, moves between these two possibilities. Dilemma that will arise again if re-elected. A possible re-election, perhaps probable today. But the prospect of a new wave of Covid-19 looms ahead of the presidential election next autumn. L’October surprise, applicant in the US presidential elections, must be taken into due account.

in the cover photo some of the richest men in the world who have significantly increased their wealth during this period. From left Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg.

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