The trade war has restarted to conquer iliad customers in Italy and Free Mobile in France


After the slowdown of portability during the lockdown period from Coronavirus and the recent reopening of the points of sale of the various telephone operators, the race to grab new customers is back, with the usual common goal of the three main operators and related “second brands”: to focus mainly on those of iliad.

Iliad advertising that makes fun of competitors’ offers

The French market is also experiencing a similar situation with Free Mobile, where the mobile operator founded by Xavier Niel has started to grow again and competitors have started to attack again with brand new offers offered in the last few days, in particular by the “low cost” brands owned by Orange, SFR is Bouygues Telecom.

It should be noted that our main managers have clearly been inspired by what has been done by their colleagues from across the Alps, but with a big difference: in France the offers, albeit proposed for a short period, are open to everyone, while in Italy the more “attractive” ones “Bind to portability of the number from iliad and a few other operators (all MVNOs).

But to make the idea a few practical examples are enough.

SOSH, the virtual mobile operator of Orange born three months before the launch of Free Mobile to try to stop its growth (what it has done in practice TIM with Kena Mobile before the debut of iliad in Italy) is the only one that has achieved good success in terms of customers after almost 9 years (3.9 million at the end of 2019).

just SOSH in recent days has launched a “limited edition” package (which can only be activated for a few weeks) which promises well 100 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS a 16.99 euros per month, only to new customers.

In Italy instead Kena Mobile of TIM offers the same amount of GB in the offer Kena 9.99 Flash (periodically proposed) and addressed only to customers iliad and different MVNO (here more details).

Although with very competitive offers for the local market, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, competing operators in France use fewer subterfuges than ours, limiting themselves to making proposals open to all new customers and activated in a given period of time.

With us, however, all the best proposals come out of the catalog (reserved for example to the sales network and only for those coming from iliad and some specific ones MVNO, like the recent “TIM Supreme Now“With 50 Giga and unlimited minutes at 5.99 euros per month), or by the second Italian brands (Kena by TIM, I have. by Vodafone e Very Mobile of WINDTRE), but also here the most convenient offers are always directed to customers of iliad is MVNOSystematically “gracing” (pass the term) the three main Italian operators and the virtual ones they own.

Someone might suggest that the three Italian managers make a cartel and avoid “disturbing” each other, but we only describe them as simple casualties and similarities in their respective commercial offers.

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Returning to France, the virtual RED by SFR (MVNO created by SFR in 2011 to counter Free Mobile and grew to the sound of acquisitions, including Virgin Mobile) offered an offer with 100 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS for only 12 euros per month (with the promise to keep the price unchanged over time).

We also close by indicating what is currently subscribable with B & You (ex MVNO of Bouygues Telecom, also born to counter Free Mobile and relegated to a simple brand for low cost packages without duration restrictions), with a package with 100 GB, minutes and unlimited SMS proposed in this case a 15.99 euros per month to anyone who activates a new number or carries out portability.

The most convenient Italian proposals, as already mentioned, in the end only come for those who are customers iliad and some MVNO, applies to TIM, Vodafone is WINDTRE with some promotions not available in the catalog and not present on their official website (from winbacks via telephone or SMS, to proposals reserved for the physical sales network), passing through the offers of Kena, I have. is Very Mobile, for which there are customers of series A and series B (with changes in costs, for the same monthly bundle of GB / minutes / SMS also of 7 euro per month, not exactly crumbs).

And in all this iliad offers open to all and proposals without restrictions, hidden costs and above all with the promise not to remodel them, continue to grow the fourth mobile operator (with almost 6 million customers two years after launch). Someone probably misses something, who knows who.

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