The too many veils of hypocrisy torn by the sentence on the Certosa di Trisulti –


The sentence pronounced yesterday by the Tar reveals the too many veils of hypocrisy resting on the Certosa di Trisulti. Reality is much more uncomfortable than it appears. And the academy of sovereigns will start in June: an inevitable reality if no one opposes it

There is a veil of hypocrisy in the story of the Certosa di Trisulti left in the hands of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute by the judges of the Regional Administrative Court. To want to be intellectually honest: i veils are more than one and hypocrisy is a lot.

The first veil

The thirteenth-century Charterhouse, surrounded by the centuries-old oaks of the Ernici Mountains – Photo © Pasquale Paolino

The first veil of hypocrisy was laid on the magnificent Cistercian monastery of 1204 since the process for entrusting its walls began. Too many pretended not to know that ending up in the catalog of state assets placed ‘on sale‘There was also that rare jewel of religious architecture on the Collepardo mountains. That inside it holds treasures of inestimable cultural value: some of the ancient recipes kept in the volumes of his library are the basis of the modern national liqueur and herbalist’s shop. Among those pages there are distillates of knowledge that have their roots over the centuries.

They spread that veil, pretending not to know, in the hope that someone would come forward. Because a state with trousers he cannot even afford the maintenance of a charterhouse like that of Trisulti. And not even the dozens of certoseditrisulti that fill Italy from the Alps to the last strip of Lampedusa, making it the largest open-air museum in Europe.

The rental price is from end of management balances: the one hundred thousand euros per year is a symbolic figure for a masterpiece of that kind. But it was therea desperate move by a state that has tried in every way to keep up its treasures. It was as if he had taken them to the pawnshop with the only hope that someone capable of spending what was necessary to keep them from falling into ruined rubble would come forward. Maybe a bank intending to put its headquarters there by keeping a museum wing open to the public. Which in many cases happened: but Trisulti is a hermitage and in places of retreat and meditation there is little to set up offices.

The second veil

The interior of the church, on the sides the wooden choirs of Mastro Iacobo and of friar Stefano – Photo © Alberto Bevere

The second veil was placed when the first to appear in the ranking list of candidates for management was the Dignitatis Humanae Institute.

Most commented with the Italian pious resignation summarized by the expression ‘God help us‘. Those who understand us, however, immediately understood the direction that the thing would take. Benjamin Harnwell is not a charcoal burner, he is not a guy who goes out at night: he has always clearly exposed his ideas to sunlight. Whether or not they are shareable is another matter.

TO nobody has hidden who he is and how he thinks her association, how and when she was born. He told it in an episode of an old edition of With Open Doors up Teleuniverso.

He has a world view ultra-Catholic, much more than conservative, very close to sovranisti. And he decided to make it his manifesto when Europe has Rocco Buttiglione denied a ministry considering his ideas not quite in line with the modern vision of the Union. Especially on the subject of gay unions and procreation. (here you will find everything in Trisulti the headquarters of the plan to bring the Populists to the Vatican).

The other veils

Benjamin Harnwell

The other veils were laid in abundance when to someone the curiosity to check the titles started on the basis of which the DHI had obtained that award.

If they are false, nobody in front of the Tar had the courage to write in detail what they are untruthful documents. This is underlined by the sentence with which yesterday the management of the Charterhouse was left to DHI. The judges write: “administration merely affirms the original absence of certain requirements that the Dignitatis Humane Insitute had claimed to possess, without however clarifying in a precise way what false or false statements he would have made DHI“.

It is not offensive to say that those documents are somewhat questionable: on which more than one veil was laid because there was a need described at the beginning: it is enough for someone to take the Charterhouse and maintain it.

Veils, sheets, pillow cases and blankets were then placed on the maintenance work actually carried out. It is rumored that at Mibact one of the nightmares was the return of the property, aware of not having a penny to keep that rare monument standing.

The veil is raised

Steve Bannon – Photo © Imagoeconomica / Rocco Pettini

To lift the veil it was the Church. With discretion and grace. There is a cleric behind the report that leads to the right people statements made in 2018 by Mr. Steve Bannon, ideologist in decline of the president Donald Trump. Bearer of ideas as extreme as embarrassing as to induce the President of the United States of America to deprive himself of the collaboration of that guru.

He reveals that he is behind the Trisulti operation. And who intends to transform it into the capital of neo world sovereignty: a school to learn to oppose those theories which prevented Rocco Buttiglione from becoming EU Commissioner, an academy of Judeo-Christian roots.

Among the cardinals of Santa Romana Chiesa who were indicated in the possible teaching staff there was a large list of principles that have a much less open vision than that declined by Pope Francis. (read here the ransom of the Ratzingerians passes through Trisulti). In the Vatican you don’t shout, you don’t scream: you act. The most authoritative figure among those cardinals resigns. (read here: Because neither Trisulti nor the march have anything to do with the resignation of the cardinal).

Enough hypocrisy

Photo © Imagoeconomica / Benvegnu ’Guaitoli

The sentence pronounced yesterday, albeit in the rigorous formalism of the Codes, says one thing: enough hypocrisy; if you want to get rid of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute don’t ask us to do it.

The Tar’s ruling is very clear and tears every veil. Is sovereignty a cultural problem? No. It is a current of thought. Political and religious. How shareable it is is another matter. But is it dangerous for state security? Can it represent the seed of a right-wing neo-terrorism? It is somehow the reconstruction of the National Fascist Party abolished in Italy by the transitional and final provisions of its Constitution?

Nobody dared to write this in the appeal. And even if he did, then he would have had the duty to prove it. Difficult.

Are there fake cards? That they are questionable is an evidence. And that someone has turned a blind eye at the time of assignment is equally evident. He will have done it for one reason of state, remove the Charterhouse from the back. Now going back is difficult.

The possible solution

Dario Franceschini © Imagoeconomica / Sara Minelli

Now the courses begin. Benjamin Harnwell announced them yesterday evening at

There DHI is therefore pleased to be able to announce with great joy that on June 1st the registrations will open for the long-awaited Academy for the Judeo-Christian West. For now, teaching will be remote online, managed and carried out directly by the United States“.

The solution is there and it is political. The state does not lack the opportunity to recover the good. Because the state is the state. Even if he has the patches sewn on his trousers. If he wants to do it in compliance with his own laws, he just has to list in detail the documents that would be false. If he wants to do it, he does not need to expropriate anyone: he takes back an asset that is his and pays compensation to Mr. Harnwell and his Judeo Christian students.

But even if he did, given that the time of hypocrisy is over, who is ready to take care of the Certosa di Trisulti tomorrow?


Photo © Rocco Pettini / Imagoeconomica

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