“The time Ronaldinho asked me not to beat him anymore”


TORINO – With good not, not even with bad. Pablo Alvarez, former defender of the Catania, explained the difficulties in maracere a footballer like Ronaldinho. The two met when the Brazilian wore the shirt of Milan. During the Argentine radio program “Crack Deportivo “, the Argentine footballer told an anecdote about Gaucho dating back to a match against the Rossoneri in San Siro:”At the break we were going to the locker room and in the tunnel Ronaldinho came up to me, took off his shirt and said: ‘Here, Alvarez. Please don’t hit me anymore. He was an impossible player to stop, he was impeccable, one of the best in history“.

Alvarez, from Ronaldinho to Messi

Alvarez, in his parenthesis to Real Zaragoza, also got to play against Messi: “I told him we were compatriots and that should not make me look bad. He was dying of laughter, but I also have his shirt in my collection at home. If it was more difficult to mark him or Ronaldinho? Messi played on the other side of the pitch that evening, so I had no problems. Dinho was unstoppable“.

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