The theory of spreaders that beats field experience is to be demonstrated


UIL Scuola press release – COMPETITION: ÔÇťAdministrative act with which you are invited to participate in a public competition, all those who meet the necessary requirements. In addition to indicating the requirements for participation, it also contains the methods of conducting and the subject of the competition “.

This is the definition of a competition notice that can be found by consulting any manual of administrative law.

Wanting to believe that the concept of selection – through competition – is only the canonical one is wrong and misleading.
In the case of the extraordinary competition for precarious teachers, it is a manipulation of reality.

It is a question of highlighting two tools, both selection competitions.
There is no ranking.
This lessens the fear of unconstitutionality.

On the merits: the requirements are general and abstract for all those who have taught for at least three years. About 80 thousand are already teaching. In the case of the competition supported by the M5S it is a computer based test with 80 questions in 80 minutes. It’s more about skill than skill.

In the competition for qualifications, the candidate presents with his professional history with the qualifications acquired over the years in which he was an employee of the state that considered him suitable, vice versa he would have fired him.

Therefore, we avoid talking about rankings that will take place, but following the competition, both in crosses and in titles, the first for skill and speed, the second for professional history and experiences.

Politics must regain credibility and tell the truth: we are in political skirmishes that use the precarious situation of people, who have served the state and will continue to do so, for reasons of political battle.
Clash that moved on the school grounds represents, in our view, a regression that pushes citizens away from politics.

Without saying that in both insolvency procedures, a final, non-selective assessment test is envisaged, in the sense that the professional capacity developed over the years of work is further evaluated and if it is not considered sufficient, the role is lost. This is the assessment of merit, not the initial selection.
This should reassure supporters of merit.

Someone should explain to us how a quiz exam, like what we all did to acquire a driving license, can outweigh those who have been driving for years. The theory of spreaders that beats field experience is to be demonstrated.

One thing we know: these tensions and stress are not useful for the system that needs tranquility and certainties and nothing else.

Politics take note of this and measure yourself on the many problems that the school system will have to face in order to restart schools in September.
Resources are needed to give staff back the dignity they have earned in these months and many years. A million workers will face unprecedented situations. He will want to find himself with a government that considers them people and not electoral numbers or consents.

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