the tech demo is authentic


The video showing Gears of War 3 on PS3 received a huge media echo. For this reason too, Epic Games has decided to expose itself to clarify and certify the actual authenticity of the video published by the youtuber Proto.

A Epic spokesperson explained from the pages of Kotaku that “This video is the by-product of the development and testing process we were carrying out on Unreal Engine 3 using both Gears and Unreal Tournament”.

The same representative of Epic Games then specified that “it was a test that never involved any real product intended to be marketed on PlayStation 3”. With these words, Epic’s PR partially denies the reconstruction done by youtuber Proto to describe this tech demo as a sort of “proof” of the cross-platform origins of Gears of War 3.

As for the origin of this leak, the Epic Games spokesman clarifies from the columns of Kotaku that the tech demo of GoW 3 for the PS3 development kit was obtained from an unspecified hackers sneaked into the company ‘s servers in the 2011. And to think that, just before Epic’s confirmation of the authenticity of this video, the dad of the Gears of War series Cliff Bleszinski he had exposed himself on social media to define “99% fake” GoW 3 PS3 demo video.

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