The taxman now rehabilitates the brick. It will be the real boost to the economy


Apart from the basic criticisms of this system, it should be remembered that the figurative income is calculated with coefficients far from the hypotheses of real profitability of the properties, especially in times of economic crisis due to the coronavirus. The legislation on non-operating companies should be suspended for the crisis period and then rethought, at least by reducing the coefficients and multipliers to reasonableness.

Real estate sales: levy to be radically rethought

A big deterrent is the tax system on sales. For buyers, the system of indirect taxation should be radically rethought: anachronistic taxes such as register, mortgage and cadastral taxes weigh up to 10% on the value of the transactions, repeating the application over time also to the same property if it becomes the subject of other sales. At the very least, the rates should be reduced, perhaps unifying them to the level envisaged for the first home today, thereby eliminating all doubts in interpretation and the dispute over the current reductions.

As for sales, the problem mainly concerns real estate companies. On them, the tax authorities must renounce attacking any type of transaction: the pex – the exemption on capital gains – should also concern the sale of these companies, as happens in many other European countries. Furthermore, it would be appropriate to exclude disputes of abuse of the right on all the transactions that convey the sale of real estate in the form of the sale of companies (spin-offs with real estate spinoffs, to give a more general example). Giving up this taxation would have the effect of push investment real estate by companies.

Encourage the redevelopment of the territory, historic centers and urban areas

The tax benefit tool, so often used for private individuals, as in the case of restructuring, could become a lever not only to stimulate the market, but also to direct it towards objectives of particular value for urban planning and redevelopment of the territory. Incentives should be studied, along the lines of tax credits, for those who buy and / or redevelop properties in historic centers, or in specific areas of cities both for direct use (company headquarters) and for sale (in order to keep prices down) .

The incentives must also interest investment users: families who rent properties with specific characteristics should have help to cope with a fee that, on the other hand, makes the investment profitable for those who carry out the work.

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