the stages of his history at Inter. From top scorer to a symbol of rebirth, until exile


That between Mauro Icardi and Inter has been a long love story: troubled, full of twists, intense and with a stunted end, those impossible to forget. The official transfer of the Argentine to PSG decrees the end of a six-year chapter (plus the French exile season) in which Icardi was first the lighthouse in the night of a team that could not live up to its history and then became the symbol of rebirth , finishing the emotional masterpiece designed by Luciano’s biennium to the sound of a goal Spalletti. Even in the darkest moment, Icardi never stopped doing what was asked of him: goals, in clusters, combined with some behaviors and some events that gradually eroded the bond with the fans and the rest of the team, until it becomes unsustainable. So, the turning point. But let’s rewind the tape for one last trip into the darkest period of recent history Inter.

THE ARRIVAL – Icardi was in fact Massimo’s last real blow Moratti, purchased (as legend has it) for Andrea’s new attack Stramaccioni. The dazzling debut in Series TO, a quadripletta to the Pescara and the inevitable goal against Juventus are the business card with which Maurito go through the gates of Appiano Gentile. It is presented together with Ishak Belfodil and at the time there were those who claimed that the strong one was the attacker who had just arrived since Parma. Icardi begins quietly, with some physical ailments and above all the disruptive relationship with Wanda Nara to master his narrative: in his first year, Icardi scored important goals (on debut with the Juventus, the brace in Florence to overturn the result) but it is still in the shadow of Diego Milito. At the end of that year Inter greets the last heroes of the treble and is ready to open the new course: Walter is still at the helm Mazzarri who – after a limping start – is exonerated. Roberto is coming Mancini and the enthusiasm of the fans ignites. Icardi ends the season by graduating top scorer and seems ready for a new chapter.

THE ILLUSION – The subsequent purchase campaign, given the economic straits from which Inter came out, is to be considered pharaonic. Mancini celebrates two two years of engagement between Inter and Icardi becoming a master of the new life of the number 9: “Icardi is the future of Inter, it must be empowered. ” Maurito becomes the captain of the team and seems to load everyone on his shoulders. In the meantime, new team-mates arrive and the team seems to mesh thanks to a new-found defensive solidity: Joao Miranda and Jeison Murillo make up the central hinge, defended by the last Felipe Melo able to make a difference. For a group, Inter leads the championship. Then, the usual winter collapse. Icardi does not score like the year before, but is unquestionably the idol of the fans – despite some disagreements with the curve. The Inter finishes fourth and seems to want to consolidate its path. Nobody knew it was time for revolution: Erick Thohir sells to the group Suning, Mancini leaves the bench and starts the year of Frank de Boer – also said, that of the three coaches.

THE CONSECRATION – Over the next two years, Icardi is simply a network machine. Despite the tragic season of Inter, victim of the sudden change of club, Maurito repeat and together with Ivan Perisic gives a glimmer of hope to the team that thanks to an unexpected chase with Stefano Pioli caresses the dream of fourth place, and then falls back into mediocrity. Icardi scores beautiful goals, including the one with the turin in a midweek shift that saves the bench for a few more days De Boer. Play another science fiction game against Juventus, at home: eighty thousand of San Siro delirious for a comeback propitiated by one of his goals and a crazy assist, from the outside for the rival Perisic. To date, Inter’s last victory against Juventus. After another lean team season, Luciano arrives Spalletti and the music changes: Icardi’s goals not only start counting for the top scorers, but they are worth precious points. Spalletti touches the sky for two days, he is first in the standings. Then, another collapse: but in the end, when with the Lazio seems all lost, his footwork pushes Stefan de Vrij to commit a naive foul. Penalty kick, goal: the inertia of the match and the fate of Inter have changed forever. The rest is history, with regret for the past season Aventine.

EXILE – The media circus that broke loose around Icardi has always been out of control. From the Wanda question Nara, to the story of the book and the quarrel with the Curve, to get to the long-standing relationship with Spalletti, everything has been taken to the extreme. There have been many discussions about the usefulness of Icardi within the Inter structure, just as there has often been talk of phantom offers for the Argentine number 9. Before PSG, the only team that tried to catch Icardi had been the Naples Gonzalo orphan Higuain: offer sent back to the sender without too much hesitation. The truth is that, with a little shrewdness, the ending could have been very different. From the screams on the renewal of his attorney’s contract to exile after the events of Parma, when Inter wins thanks to a great game by Lautaro Martinez and something breaks.

The truth is that heroes rarely really live up to their fame. Inter fans in Icardi had seen a symbol, the rebirth: it was only partially so. Because the Captain pulled himself out on the most beautiful, when there was to suffer to gain access to Heaven. So since Inter and his Nine could be considered Monica is Chandler, have fallen victim to a cliche. When the fan thinks about Icardi, especially in his last months, he will breathe a big sigh. Of relief, because this chapter is definitely closed. And then it will add a touch of regret, for what it could have been and was not. From the great love of your life to a blurred presence that, when you realize everything that has happened, you do nothing but close behind the door farthest away from your memories.


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