the Snyder Cut will arrive on HBO Max


After months and months of waiting, the advances of the past few days proved to be accurate. Zack Snyder took advantage of the Man of Steel live-commentary to give the bomb news: the Justice League’s Snyder Cut will be made available to HBO Max.

During the event, which Henry Cavill took part in by surprise, the director showed an official poster of his version of Justice League anticipating that he will debut in the service catalog during 2021. You can find the image at the bottom of the article.

Reporting the news, the Hollywood Reporter also revealed new information on the format: it could be a feature film of almost 4 hours or some sort of miniseries divided into 6 chapters, but at the moment there are still no confirmations on that front.

The existence of the Snyder Cut has been confirmed in recent months by the director of Batman v Superman, who had shown it physically on his Vero profile. Snyder’s initial idea, remember, was to divide Justice League into chapters, then reduced to two, which they would see Darkseid as their main villain. After the release of Snyder, however, Whedon and Warner Bros. have decided to further resize the project and create a single version with Steppenwolf as an antagonist.

Are you curious to see the original version of the director? Let us know in the comments. To prepare for his arrival, here you can find the 5 scenes that we hope to see in the Snyder Cut.

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