the slogan Black Lives Matter lands on Animal Crossing New Horizons


The United States of America was hit by a strong and powerful popular outrage following the death of George Floyd, African American citizen.

Indignation, however, in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, has not stopped within the borders of the North American continent, but has instead spread to the rest of the world. The symbolic acts made as a sign of profundity indignation for the incident they were very numerous and many of these saw the already well-known slogan return to spread with new strength “Black Lives Matter“.

Many virtual squares wanted to take a position on the Floyd case, which, evidently, has affected the sensitivity of many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players as well. On social networks, many users active in the Nintendo-signed life simulator have in fact chosen to share creations with the wording “Black Lives Matter”. Some players have created wearable items, while others have created signs and signs to display on their game island. Directly at the bottom of this news, you can find some of the many examples that can be found on Twitter.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, on which it landed during the month of March, quickly turning into a great commercial success.

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